How high is this recovery Bitcoin could push?

Bitcoin has found its multiple rejection at $7.800 in a further sideways movement caught – a sign that the cops are going to gather enough support to overcome this resistance.
There is one indicator that suggests that the next big BTC-movement will favour the bulls are strong. This could enable Bitcoin to close the next open CME-Future-gap, which is located in the lower to 9,000 Dollar range.

Ichimoku cloud Bitcoin suggests that an upward trend is imminent

At the time of the article, Bitcoin is traded at its current price of 7,780$. This consolidation is only just below the short term resistance level of Bitcoin that is between 7.800 $ 8,000 $ because BTC is here encountered in the past several rejections.
A popular pseudonymous Trader on Twitter explained that the Ichimoku cloud Bitcoin signals a much – noticed indicator that the crypto-currency in the coming days “could turn up”.

BTC: “the Daily Ichimoku could soon be “fully bullish”…

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The price level, the Bitcoin could be next target, should this prove to be an indicator as applicable, could be in the lower to 9,000 Dollar range. This happens to be the point at which a CME-Future-has formed gap, which is historically filled is seen in a relatively short time after the formation of the asset. Another Trader pointed out in a recent Tweet on the gap and said:

“Do you remember the 9060 BTC CME Futures gap?”

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If Bitcoin is able to continue to push up and to confirm the Ichimoku cloud expressed notion that could signal a strong continuation of its recovery from the March low of $3.800, that is the slump a thing of the past.
Not only that, but a more positive development in the next few weeks, could lead to new investors will invest in Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Halving is less than three weeks and counting for crypto enthusiasts to the well-being bullish most event of the year.
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