How long does this go well?

Bitcoin is in a positive sense, predictable. There are no nasty Surprises in terms of the offer or the creation of new BTC. Everything is a pleasant way to predictable. In the United States processes can be currently observed, which are far from the predictability of Bitcoins. Current Figures show that the United States printed alone in the last month, more money than in the two centuries after the Foundation of the state.

Bitcoin and the money printing Orgy of the USA: How long does this go well and how you can benefit from BTC of such a process? – A lot of fun with the article.

As the United States, the money supply increased in unprecedented ways

Our article is inspired by the current Medium-contribution of the well-known investment firm Pantera Capital. In the post with the title “debts of two centuries in a month,” the investment firm, the massive money supply increase in the USA. It is not only the impact of such expansionary monetary policy, special in particular, the Strengths of Bitcoin in such a context.

Before we take a look at the actual Figures to the budget deficit (engl. budget deficit) the US throw a small note in advance: A budget deficit arises logically then, if the expenses of a government exceed the revenues. One reason for this may of course be the low income side.

In the case of the US, however, the focus is on the expenditure side. As part of Covid-19 the government economic stimulus has approved packages funded in the highest degree with new money to stimulate the economy.

A simple glance at the Chart shows that the estimated budget deficit for the year 2020 is more than a small outlier. It is an absolute turning point in the history of the United States.

The Dimension is clear when we quote the following sentence from Pantera Capital:

The United States of America in June, more money is printed than it has in the first two centuries after the Foundation of the state from 1776 to 1979 did.

Bitcoin and Gold show strength as a hard Asset

Knowing that the United States an unprecedented increase in the money supply, we now look at Bitcoin. In this context, The hardness, it is clear that BTC can just play out as the precious metal, Gold, your Strengths.

This is the simple fact that neither Bitcoin nor Gold can quantitatively be freely increased. The production quantities of the two goods are in a natural way limited, what brings you by Definition, a value of stability over time.

The conclusion and consequence, which advises Pantera readers and customers, is therefore very simple. You should reduce the amount of Fiat money and to grab hard Assets, such as Bitcoin.

Get out of paper money and go into bitcoin.

In addition, the strength of hard Assets or the weakness of Fiat money is also, if you measures the increase in value of igerungen of shares, for example, in Gold and not in USD. Because then it is clear that the current recovery in the stock market especially with the amount of money increase and the Asset purchases of the Central establish banks. Also, the fact that Gold is measured in U.S.-traded Dollar is currently at an all-time high, but rather shows the weakness of Fiat money.

How can I buy Bitcoin and/or Gold?

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75 % of private CFD accounts lose money. No EU investor protection.

75 % of private CFD accounts lose money. No EU investor protection.

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