How many addresses Bitcoin (BTC) have $1 million

If you have entered in the industry of cryptocurrencies by the expectations of making large amounts of money, perhaps you have wondered how many are the people who have already achieved that goal. In that spirit, we discussed how many addresses Bitcoin (BTC) have a more than a million dollars.

To be rich in Bitcoin: how many addresses are?

Understanding that 1 BTC at this moment sells around US$ 9,000, it could be said that you need about 107 BTC to affirm that you are rich in dollars.

In these moments, according to Glassnode, there are more than 13,000 addresses of Bitcoin that have a value of at least US$ 1 million. But you should always know that as we are talking about the price in dollars, and the fluctuation is constant in Bitcoin, this amount can vary quite a lot.

Since this metric is linked to the dollar price of Bitcoin tends to fluctuate a lot. By way of comparison, the number of addresses that contain at least 100 BTC has a volatility much lower.

How has been this to over time?

To get to these higher numbers is not always an easy task. While it is true that in these moments in order to be rich you need to 107 BTC in 2017 you needed much less during the running of the bulls of this year.

Accounts of Bitcoin with less than 100 BTC vs accounts with more than 100 BTC. Source: Glassnode

However, you should know that at present there are many more directions of exchanges and large institutions that, although on paper they may seem to be extremely rich, actually have the compendium of BTC for a lot of people.

Also, it must be stressed that in the past mine was more simple before the Halving that occurred and reach big figures of Bitcoin was more feasible than now. In addition, there are more than 1 million of Bitcoins that were likely mined by Satoshi Nakamoto. These coins have not been moved in over 10 years.


Measure exactly how many people are rich in Bitcoin is complex, there is no way to know exactly at all times. However, you can always make a relationship between the addresses with more than 100 BTC and the price of the criptomoneda at a given time.

The latter does not necessarily imply that we know how many individuals are behind these addresses. We wouldn’t have some data to make this determination with complete accuracy. For the same reason, companies such as Glassnode up to now only speculations or approximations, and the latest estimates that there are about 13,000 addresses of Bitcoin are rich in dollars.

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