How money is the root of evil?

The money has become indispensable in the life of the human being. This is because the functions it performs are virtually irreplaceable by any other known method. Is considered money all that active or well that is generally accepted as a means of collection and payment transactions. But it’s not just the money (physical cash) is considered to be money. It is also money electronic money or any asset that can be used as a means of payment or collection. Now, on the other hand, there are some people who feel really guilty for thinking about more money than necessary. This could be generated to give the child an upbringing in a family with an income very modest, so the idea of having much more money or being extravagant is not appropriate. It may be that you feel guilty to know that there is so much poverty in other countries. However, it raises an interesting question: If you were able to make a lot more money than usual what would you do? What is wrong with the money?

The money is not bad

Really the money is not bad in itself, is an invention of man to be able to do more easy our transactions and be able to have and acquire the things we need for our daily life. However, yes it is dangerous, according to the use we give to it, and according to the heart and the attitude that we have with him. “Become a millionaire not for the money, but for what it makes you become one.” In other words, don’t set up the dollar as your goal and do not think of only the money. Learn how to manage your income and think of what you do and who you might help if you had more of it.

Why is it frowned upon to have money?

There is the belief that the people who care about the money, are selfish, materialistic, stingy, a little sensitive with the people or even ruthless and willing to step over others to achieve their goals, materialistic. Those that are wealthy believe that they have achieved this with theft or deceit, not because they have been managed well or have invested in good business. We have been taught since forever (maybe religion has a lot to do with it) that people have to act out of love, by doing good to others without expecting anything in return. This message is very good, we should help others, be generous and donate a portion of our goods to the most needy. But that does not mean that we should forget about the money, and manage it well, saving regularly and investing a part to make it grow. The money is not bad. It is just a method of exchange (a tool) that allows us to trade, exchanging goods and services, in a much more comfortable and efficient. It just makes life easier. Yes that can be bad are really the people.

How to attract money?

Most of the people we feel bad talking about money, unless it is to complain. It’s funny because yes they talk, and much, a but in plan of a victim: “That charge very little, which I did not climb the pay, that I should have gotten a penalty, that taxes that I pay, that what’s expensive is all”, etc., But interestingly, no one tells you: “I Guess that saves something every month, and that you have studied different investment strategies and you have chosen to do it this or that way…”. In this sense, it is important to highlight that basically, it is possible that you can attract what you want with your thoughts, if you learn to use them in your favor. Be focused on what you truly want to help you prioritize and make the right decisions. That is to say, you must first want something, then you must learn to think of that which you want, and, finally, that should lead you to take action on the matter. To do this you can follow some steps:

Reconciliase with the abundance

In general, we believe that it is wrong to want to have money. Is associated to negative feelings, such as greed. We are taught from young that money should never be above other values, such as friendship or family. However, the money and the family are two different things. We can want money without being ambitious or selfish. The money can be used to help our loved ones and share moments with them. The first thing you should do if you want to attract money into your life, then, is to understand that it is a tool, and as such it is perfect that you want. If you can not be reconciled with this desire, never to begin actions that go in that direction.

Remember that you deserve it

Sometimes we do not look for more money because we feel we do not deserve it. It can be an unconscious way, but by our training or history, we can feel guilty for wanting more of what we have. That feeling won’t lead you ever towards the money. Remember at all times that you deserve as much as anyone. You are an honest person, you want more money to give you some likes and share it with those you love the most. What’s wrong with that?

Eliminates the “can’t”

A great strategy to begin to move to action is change the “I can’t” to the question: “How could I?” It may be that in this moment you feel that something is difficult to achieve, but if you get stuck in the I can not, definitely not you’ll be able to. The important thing is to pass to the action, and the first thing that you should think about then is: What can I do to get closer a little closer to what I want? Such today can’t put together $ 100 extra a week, but is There anything I can do to get at least 10? If you change the I can’t, for the “what can I?” you will see that in reality you could do a lot more than you thought.

Manage your finances

It begins the moment you pass to the action. But before that, there is something very important you need to do: be aware of how much money circulates in your life, and how it does it. Although you state otherwise, it is possible that you don’t have a real notion of how much money you get, how much you spend and how much you invest in a month. If you want to enjoy the abundance it is important that you have a clear idea of how is your cash flow. So, you’ll be able to make decisions, to take advantage of every opportunity, and see things that would otherwise not notaries.

Do something!

Once you have completed these steps, you are ahead of the most important: Do something! The money will only come to your life if you do something about it. Opens a business, sell something, trade. You have to go out and find the money. Logically, if you’re focused on it, you have managed to sort out your finances, you are convinced of what is the right thing to do and you were to do this, go to the action will be natural and easy.

Do you want to connect with the world of Bitcoin and the Blockchain?

Now, remember, money is no longer just the physical, as stated above, the money is also digital, and with the arrival of the cryptocurrencies and technology blockchain open up a range of opportunities to invest and diversify your money. Invest in Bitcoin or some other digital currency, can be a viable option to increase your capital but also a big risk, so it is important to learn to handle this technology. If you are thinking of investing your money in any digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or another, or well, you have a professional interest in this topic, you can start placing courses available on the Internet that take you from the hand and at your own pace, so that in a short time you can be an expert. It is important that you locate first-hand information to create a connection with this world and understand from scratch how to operate these assets on a technical level, the supply and demand in these environments and, in this way, explore how to use the coins in their own projects, how to invest in these digital assets, or for development of software relating to the criptoactivos or how to market them in the market. After all, money is a valuable tool for efficient exchange that helps us to have an easier life, is not bad, you just need to learn how to manage it. The following two tabs change content below. Venezuelan, student of the last semester of Social Communication. Attracted by the new technologies and the development that they offer to humanity.

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