How much is traded Bitcoin in the main countries affected by the Coronavirus?

The epidemic of the Coronavirus ? continues to expand around the world. For the moment there is an infinite amount of news, fakes or not, on the number of cases, deaths, recovered and more. Therefore, the information can be quite difficult to process. In addition, in our criptoverso have been published on countless other news relating to the impact this virus will have on the prices of Bitcoin and altcoins. But is this really how it has affected the Coronavirus to the price of BTC in the countries hardest hit? The amount of news, opinions of experts, and preventive measures are second to none. Handled many and very different rates of spread. Even handle different predictions of what will be the price of BTC in the short term as the new pandemic continues on his way. But this time we will not speak of the opinion of experts or financial models. This time, we’ll go to the data tangible to see how it has behaved the price of Bitcoin in the 7 main countries infected with the Coronavirus, and if this really has had any significant impact on the value of each token of BTC. These nations are: China ??South Korea ??Iran ??Italy ??Germany ??France ??Spain ?? Before you begin, it is important to know that the price of BTC as the main crypto exchanges in the world is around $8.500.

Coronavirus in China ??

China is the 0 point of the virus. Specifically the city of Wuhan in central China. Now we all know the story a little bit, but, we recommend you see our series on the Coronavirus in the following link. Currently, the asian giant is the territory most affected. Account with a total of 80.701 cases and 3.098 deceased. The plan to shut down the cities has apparently had a positive effect on the number of new cases per day. But, how do you handle the price of Bitcoin (BTC) in China? Currently trades at an average price of ¥62.650, which represents approximately $9.200. Well above the current price of $8.500. From that came the alarm for the first time the 5 of January of this year, its price was in the $6.800, while the world average was in the $7.300, below the market price. So you can say that the price of BTC has been favoured positively by the Coronavirus in China. Unlike the other countries in this list, the trade of BTC in China is prohibited on the exchanges cryptographic thanks to the censorship that exists in the country, so it is normal that there is some degree of distortion.

Price of BTC in South Korea ??

The second most affected country is the southern part of the Korean peninsula. Unfortunately, South Korea has 7.313 confirmed cases and 272 deaths. The price of each token of Bitcoin, just like China, has a difference with the market price. Currently, each BTC is trading at $8.900. While, for example, in it is located in $9.300. A price above the valuation of the international market.

Price of Bitcoin in Iran ??

The Persian country is the third in this list. With a 6.566-confirmed cases and 194 deaths, in which the most outstanding personalities of iranian politics. Iran has also taken a position something extremist with the trade of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But, in an exchange of government which only allows you to sell BTC, its price is amazingly next to the price of international market, about 362.637.099.89 Rial. But, if we’re going to we note that there are only 4 characters buying and selling BTC to the staggering amount of $32.238,74. Yes, precisely as you see it. Perhaps this is the highest price of BTC in the story.

Italy ??, Germany ??, France ?? and Spain ??

Traveling outside of the asian continent, Italy is the country most affected. With a total of 5.883 cases and 233 deaths. It is followed by Germany with 951 cases with no deaths, then France with 949 with 16 deaths, and finally Spain, with 613 cases and 17 deaths. Unlike all the others in the list, the fact that these countries are within the European Union ?? them makes things very easy. Since it does not matter if, for example, the price of BTC increases exponentially in Italy, you can always go to other markets in Europe with a lowest price. This is because they share the same currency and almost no friction when moving capitals in a personal way, between country and country. So that you do not see a different effect to the market price of in these countries. We may not notice, as it did in the other countries of this list, a price significantly different from Bitcoin.

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