How to become a professional trader?

The goal of every newbie in the world of trading is to become a professional trader in the stock markets and on Forex. For this reason, Juan Miguel Hernández explains how to get it in the Trading Mastery Summit.

The day of presentations, the summit culminated with topics focused on cases of success in the world of trading. Also with demos traders experts, talking about the operation feasible for all of the tactics.

The Trading Mastery Summit culminated with success, breaking records in the world of conferences from trading with massive numbers. Around 16,000 people tuned in daily in the virtual conference.

A professional trader who is confident in the future

Juan Miguel is an expert trader with a track record of 12 years in his career in the world of stock markets and Forex. His focus today are currency pairs, getting his expertise in the area.

For John, the common mistake of traders is based on get carried away too much by the psychology of the trader. Meddle too much in the management of operations, reaching levels of staying stuck in the screens where they articulate their operations all the time.

However, John explains that it is not necessary to be aware of every movement of your portfolio. Much less when the world of technology provides useful tools for traders, and thus become a professional trader.

Assured profitability using auto trading

Advances in technology and Artificial Intelligence have come equal to the area of the stock market and Forex.

John explains that part of their trading strategies, which have allowed him to be successful, go hand in hand with the work in conjunction with “robots of trade”.

Juan Miguel Hernández explains how to become a professional trader in the stock market and Forex, through the use of robots for trading, on the Trading Matery Summit.

Therefore, a trading robot is an automated software that is integrated to the trading platforms to make trading in Forex in a fully automatic manner.

This is based on guidelines and functions that are introduced at the beginning of the period of operations.

Those who are considered the best robots trading, they have a number of pre-set standards in your configuration. These standards are: the currency pairs, the temporalities to use, and indicators.

In this way, John explained that his way of become a professional trader and achieve good performance in its operations was integrating his work with these softwares automated.

Advantages of the automation software to become a professional trader

For John, the main advantage of a trading robot is that it is not affected by the emotions of the psychology of the trader.

In addition, don’t commit those mistakes that you commonly make the operations fail. Such as investing too much to recover a failed operation earlier, or the purchase of the same way.

These programs do not act by impulses, and Hernández explains that this is the key to achieving success in operations. It is based on not getting carried away by impulses.

In addition, the robots learn from their mistakes and look for signs of entry and exit in the market in which they operate. Focusing on opportunities for long term gain and the benefit of the portfolio.

With a clear strategy defined previously, the robot can be guided by some appropriate parameters that will optimize the time.

However, John explains that, like all machines, the system is not perfect, and that the last push to perfection is when the trader manages with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the stimuli and signals from the market.

A balance machine/human is the key to success, according to Juan Miguel Hernandez. Considering that this is the way to become a professional trader.

Trading Mastery Summit: from 27 July to 30 July

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