How to configure your vault of Bitcoin?

A vault of Bitcoin is a savings account that you use cold storage to keep your money safe. For this reason, since CriptoTendencia we want to teach you about this tool, by focusing on how you can set up your own vault of Bitcoin with Xapo.

Know about Xapo and its vault of Bitcoin

Xapo is a service for the purchase Bitcoin on-line, with advanced elements of security. In addition to a exchange Bitcoin, can be defined as a wallet and vault Bitcoin with multiple safety factors, which make him one of the most solid in this area. The Vault Xapo implements the cold storage and it has become the storage solution of choice for many of the institutions and most powerful people in the world, and has the storage of Bitcoin largest that exist. The cold storage refers to the process of storage of funds outside line to keep them safe and inaccessible. On the other hand, is a type of cold storage where not only the funds are stored out of line, also the system that holds the funds has never been online or connected to any type of network.

Vault Xapo

Now, for the users that they need to raise the bar for security, Xapo offers a vault Bitcoin, with security features very advanced. You can transfer the funds from your wallet to a vault easily, paying a price for the service, of course. This modality incorporates elements of cryptographic security for the assurance of your capital. Among them includes the multi-factor authentication and segmentation of private key. According to the information provided in your website, the vault of Bitcoin Xapo is located under the ground, in areas that are geographically dispersed on three continents. In addition, the cryptographic material and the private keys are stored in cold. That is to say, these data are in servers not connected to the Internet. It also details that when the user transfers his funds to his vault of Bitcoin, Xapo placed their funds on a computer that never has and never will have access to the Internet. Then encrypt all of the data, separated in different fragments, and copied to external drives. These backups are stored safely in vaults physical in geographically dispersed locations as well mentioned above. The vault was originally created for Bitcoin, although they have developed a vault that is compatible with the global storage.

Open a wallet Xapo

Now, you can also open and configure your vault of Bitcoin in Xapo. To do this, you will need to follow a rigorous process that can take several minutes. In addition, the confirmation of your account may reach a few hours after you have completed the appropriate forms. If you use this service, it is best to register in advance. Currently, it is not possible to complete the registration through the web site. Therefore, you will need to download the app from Xapo on your phone with system Android or iOS. Once the download is complete, fill the form with the following information: Email, name and surname, date of birth, country of residence. In addition, you must accept the terms and conditions of the app. Set a password and a PIN access with 4-digit. According to their country of origin, it is possible to request additional documents to verify the authenticity of your identity. Finally, you will be asked to carry out a selfie of security. You can access the service Xapo from their mobile phone. Highlighting that you can set up your vault of Bitcoin from the same application.

How to create a new Vault?

In how to the vault, through your website, you can create it so quick, easy and free. To do this, you must select the type of account you want, give it a name and your new vault will be ready for operation.

How to create and configure a new vault for Bitcoin using the app Xapo?

Open the application Xapo and log in to your account: Select the account tab. Tap in the upper-right corner to open your menu and select create account to continue. Select “savings Account (Vault)”: On the next screen, choose if you want to create a personal or commercial account. Enter a name for your vault: The names of the accounts may have a maximum of 15 letters or numbers. Once you have finished, tap next to continue. Review the details of your account: once you have verified the details, tap create account to finish. Otherwise, press to return. If this is the first time that you create or access a vault, create a password for future access: Your password is a supplemental code separate from your PIN. If your PIN is the main code that you will use for the majority of the shares, it will require your password for transactions involving your Vault. You’re ready, you can touch the name of your account to access your vault. Despite not being the most used, Xapo represents an excellent alternative for those who want to get a wallet Bitcoin free. That is an option with security features very advanced and it has become an application robust and reliable. Xapo, and its vault of Bitcoin, has a system of maximum security for the storage of the Bitcoin of their users. With the protection of the private keys in vaults physical locations all around the world.

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