How to donate cryptocurrencies to fight against the Coronavirus?

Within a context in which there is no shortage of bad news, yesterday gave a very good news. And it is that, after just a few days, the Italian Red Cross managed to raise over $ 10,000 in donations from Bitcoin to combat the Covid-19. For this reason, we want to use our article today is dedicated to things to do during the quarantine, to explain how to donate cryptocurrencies to combat the Coronavirus.

We are human beings, solidarity and altruism are part of our genetic code. For this reason, we are sure that more than once our readers have asked how they could put a little of their effort to improve the world. In many occasions, the best way to help out with any cause is by putting our time and effort to improve the lives of others. However, in times of quarantine, when we can not leave the house to help anyone due to the risk of contagion, it seems that this option is limited, but completely closed. Therefore, probably the best way to collaborate with our society at this moment, if we have the possibility of doing so, donating money to causes that interest us. Not exist in this instant no more important cause than that of fighting the Coronavirus. Nor is there a more efficient method to collaborate with this cause by donating cryptocurrencies. Therefore, unlike the Fiat money common and current, the criptoactivos are easy, cheap and fast to transfer across borders. Therefore, we offer two options for you to donate cryptocurrencies in a matter of minutes.

Donations to the Italian Red Cross

After you have achieved your goal of collecting 10.710 dollars, for the construction of a place of early attention to patients with Coronavirus. The Italian Red Cross points to new targets for those who need your support. In addition, on this occasion with the support to perform the new tasks. First a collaboration with a company dedicated to the development of solutions in the Blockchain, Helperbit, and second the Committee Colli Albani. The Red Cross is asking for donations in Bitcoin, with the purpose of acquiring equipment to perform emergency operations in Italy. Proposing the figure of $ 26,000 as his goal of the moment. A goal that seems to be reached very soon, because with only 66 donations has already met the 79% of this figure. Which means that you still have the opportunity to donate cryptocurrencies, and to be a part of this effort. As well as the next targets that are likely to pose the Italian Red Cross to fight against the Coronavirus. For that you just need to enter in this link and follow the simple instructions you provide.

On the other hand, you’re not obligated to donate in Bitcoin if you are not a user of this criptomoneda. Then, outside, there are sufficient alternatives so that you can use other criptoactivos to confront the threat posed by the Coronavirus. Including to that is the second criptomoneda of the world: Ethereum. And that is, the crowdsourcing platform based on Ethereum, Gitcoin, announced that it was preparing to the creation of a fund of at least $ 100,000, to help fund public health initiatives in the fight against the Coronavirus. If you want to be part of this campaign, the only thing you have to do is enter the page of Gitcoin through this link. There you will see all the initiatives seeking funding within this platform, including those dedicated to the fight against the Coronavirus. In addition, you can contact the team of Gitcoin through his Twitter account, and help them to get in contact with institutions and experts dedicated to fighting the Coronavirus, and may use these funds. Putting your grain of sand in the global fight against the Covid-19.

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