Huobi will be the first major cryptobeurs integration Chainlink – Breaking News

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi will prijsdata to integrate with the Chainlink’s eco-system. The goal is to provide the data integrity and to improve the accurate information to give you.

Private node

Binance, it is the first large-cryptobeurs their data, through the oracles of the Chainlink, and that is already the case in October 2019. But Huobi is going one step further, by using Huobi Wallet is in its own node in the system is to be run. Because of this, the exchange has its own price to sign, so that users will be able to confirm to you that all of the data from Huobi Node is to be authentic and come directly from the source.

Will Huang is the CEO of Huobi, Wallet, and said:

‘Final offers a unique value proposition by offering financial products that are transparent, open, and programmable. “We are very excited about our involvement with the emerging trend to be accelerated by a Chainlink to provide users with access to Huobi, the Global exchange of data, and because of our Chainlink Node to run it.’

Huobi starts out with the following pairs: BTC/ETH zurich, at the BTC/USDT, ETH zurich/USDT LINK/ETH.

To improve the integrity

Huobi seems to be on a mission to have credibility, and improve after concerns about the nepvolume at their trade show last year. By running a node and the reputation of the exchange, may be at stake, if the information obtained through the Chainlink can be shared, it turns out to be incorrect.

The stock market is one of the largest cryptofirma of Gibraltar, the island has got to be one of the focal points of this year, in order to manipulate the market in cryptobedrijven to go. Last year, Huobi along with a Global Digital Finance (GDF) worked together with a Solidus Labs and into the Market, the Integrity Working Group.

Concerns about market manipulation

In 2019, was a report of a Bitwise and that Huobi high volume of trade shows. This was followed by an internal investigation. The CEO of the whole Huobi, Livio Weng said that there could not have been “wash trading”. This, it seems as if the volume is high.

“We have a number of our market makers have been identified that may be in the best interest of, the performance and the marketing provisions. We have all of this because of communicating, and that they have the appropriate strategies, it is stopped.’

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