Hyperledger is launching the second version of Hyperledger Fabric

February 4, 2020 by Antoine

The group of the giant of the computer industry Hyperledger has recently announced the launch of version 2.0 of its platform Blockchain dedicated to the business Fabric. This new structure incorporates countless features that are not present on the first version, including a ” management of life cycle of Chaincodes “.

Hyperledger Fabric 2.0 to overcome the shortcomings of the first version

The consortium Hyperledger has published the launch of its new platform on January 30. The object of this new version will include support features that are not present structure of a decentralized network of enterprise level, that the first flight has not hosted.
Following the announcement, the main thrust of the update focused on basic functionalities, such as the imposition of a downstream of the part of the companies of the network to modify a contract with intelligence (which was not the case for the version 1.0).

Countless features, accessories

Beyond the big overhaul to the protocol of the network, Fabric 2.0 has a great list of options to improve the performance of the network. According to the blog of Hyperledger, a new management of the life cycle of chaincodes ” who supports decentralized governance for the intelligent contracts has been introduced.
In the same perspective, other parameters, such as the implementation of a cache to enable smooth operations during the use of the database, Apache CouchDB, or even the introduction of an option of data-sharing between organisations have been incorporated.
For its part, IBM, one of the main members of Hyperledger has commented on the publication of the new version, stating :

“IBM welcomes this important step in the life cycle of the development of Hyperledger Fabric. We are proud to have been part of the community who contributed to its development, and we are looking forward to upgrade the IBM’s Blockchain Platform, the first implementation of multi-clouds Hyperledger Fabric of the sector, in order to take advantage of the new capabilities and improved performance (…) “.

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