IBM uses technology Red Hat to launch a new product Blockchain to the market

IBM company, is one of the largest companies at the global level, which is devoted to prove the chain of blocks, the technology Red Hat and others. All this with the goal of creating a system that can increase the efficiency in the supply chain and logistics of companies.

IBM launches a new product to the market and expected to improve the system of supply chains

There is no doubt that the capabilities of the technology blockchain are many; it is for this reason that the IBM company is conducting various studies on how to take advantage of this technology, in various logistics operations of a company. Now, due to the new acquisition of IBM, can be used technology free software, this is due to the purchase of the company Red Hat, which was acquired for a price of 34 billion dollars. This new product, the blockchain developed by IBM, provides support in the cloud; in this integrate various data, which make up the supply chain. Therefore, the records shall include data relating to vendors, manufacturers, and buyers. IBM used the technology blockchain, in addition to of Watson IA and Red Hat, this with the purpose of increasing the performance of supply chains through the network. It is worth mentioning that, the product was called Sterling Supply Chain Suite, and among the other objectives that you must fulfill are: to Provide greater confidence to users.Generate more transparency.Improve the level of safety.To offer a better management.Among others.

What is Red Hat and what is its utility in the IBM product

Red Hat is a global company, is responsible for creating various programs of free software; which, are used in a number of companies in the world. IBM bought this company in the year 2018, and since then, have been implementing changes in their policies, as well as objectives. Now, to be a company that designs programs for companies, (whose principle is to help improve the management and the supply chain of a corporation), Red Hat has the ability to leverage a large extent, the advantages of the chain of blocks, so as to implement them in their new technology. For this reason, its participation in the new product of IBM is really necessary, given that it contributes positively in the design of this.

Future projects of IBM and news

The IBM company, has a plan to continue improving their products using the technology blockchain, as this can prove to be a total success. It is for this reason that many companies are already interested in what you can offer this system to IBM. In this sense, it is worth mentioning that among the diverse group of companies that are in favor of this system, is a group of coffee-makers of world renown. In addition, it is also necessary to highlight that the Customs Department in Thailand stated that they plan to use Tradelens (owned by IBM) so that you can monitor and control more effectively the shipping in the ports.

Do the new products from IBM will be useful to other companies?

The goal of the well-known technology company, IBM, is to change the existing paradigm in the management and control of supply chains. It is for this reason that, we are designing and perfecting platforms, among which stands out Tradelens and Sterling Supply Chain Suite; the two being, two proposals that promise to be of the utmost utility and relevance to the global supply. Therefore, the fact that these technological proposals are receiving acceptance from major companies, proves that the product offered by IBM is really useful for various sectors. The following two tabs change content below. I am a young man from Venezuela 18 years, lover of technology, innovation, and economic events that govern the world. One of my passions are cryptocurrencies.

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