ICON (ICX) has increased by more than 300%

The Bitcoin exchange rate can not decide up to date and the field is left to the Altcoins. Already at the beginning of the year has a small Altcoin Rally initiated but the mood in the Community remains mostly skeptical. No wonder, then, if it went for a lot of Altcoins almost 2 years of going downhill. However, the small Altcoin Rally seems to have it in the next round managed. At the top of the winner’s ICON (ICX) today. The “Korean Ethereum” celebrates currently making a Comeback and gives its investors with approximately 50% of the present day. Overall, the project has risen within a week to more than 300%. However, the other two projects to ICX, have today reported huge profits. Let’s look at what may have led to and how it will go in the next few days, possibly more.

ICON (ICX) has increased by more than 300%

ICON (ICX) has carried out in mid-2017, the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and a total of approximately 45 million USD collected. At the time, the ICO price was around $ 0.10. The successful ICO came at exactly the right time. As a quasi-Gold on the crypto-roads was, came the promising Korean project on the markets. The Boom end of 2017 also made in front of the ICON (ICX) does not hold, and read off the project within four months of the 100x.
ICON (ICX) is joined together with Aion (AION) and Wanchain (WAN) by the end of 2017, the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance to solve the interoperability between different blockchains in the best possible way. Therefore, there is a strong connection between these projects. This was also often in the course of movement. This time was no different. While ICX was able to achieve in the last week over 300%, not AION with about 200% and WAN beaten off with approx. 100% far. So it looks as if the ICON has moved on the other projects. Because in AION, and WAN there was a bit longer, no outstanding News.

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Many Updates in the last few weeks

What are the reasons for this rapid ICX rate increase over the last few weeks? ICON is in the development of very active and especially in South Korea still very popular. The trade volume of the two largest stock exchanges in South Korea shows at least.

However, the last few weeks has much more in stock. Only a few months ago ICX has introduced the Staking. On this basis, was yesterday officially presented to the Voting, which decentralized Governance is to be possible. In addition, the new Roadmap has been released, which shows some insights into the target Milestones in 2020. It is believed that the short-term price increase by the DID project icon loop, which focuses on digital identities, was caused. In the framework of the DID project, the project was advertised relatively aggressive.
Nevertheless, the increase in the price of the ICON (ICX), Aion (AION) and Wanchain (WAN) in the last few weeks has gone unhealthy. The probability increases, that a time could occur near correction. In General, you should never invest in such a huge green candle. If one wants to build a long-term Position in the Portfolio, you should not make All-Inn Moves, but in a sustainable and regularly invest. At best, the Cost-Averaging strategy works here.
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