If you’re in 2019 at the latest, every week, bitcoin buy, you have a 49% profit of BTC Right

We will write more about dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is the average of periodic purchases of a bitcoin. At this time, the feeling is not too good, as the price for a few weeks, especially in fall. Nevertheless, according to the DCA to be resistant to these losses. If you are starting from the beginning of the year, every week, for 10 dollars it had purchased, it was still close to 50% in the positive and informative.

The average buy-in by 2019

Don’t believe us? Cryptocurrency influencer, Anthony Pompliano says the same thing. Actually, we do the same thing when he was at the moment, but we can at least come to an agreement. He gets his numbers from

On average, buy-in from January 2018

The bitcoin exchange rate in 2019 and allows for a better trend to see than the share price in 2018. As of 2018 is well-known for its bear market. However, even by 2018, it is an argument to hope to defend it. If you are starting from the beginning of 2018, each week, $ 10 of bitcoin was purchased, you will have to demand a rate of return of 27%, according to the Pump.

On average, purchases, starting in January of 2017

It’s much more fun to be 2017, here are also involved in this effort. If you have, since the beginning of 2017, in each and every week for the $ 10 in bitcoin just bought, it says the Pump is that you will have a rate of return of 156% to you. In order to put this in perspective, if you will, from January 2017, in each week, for 10 dollars in the stock market shares are bought, then you have to have a rate of return of nearly 11%. And it had to be the same as applied to gold, then you’ve got a 13% gain.

If you would like to calculate what your returns are? Then you can use the tool from the

Always look at the long-term

These are impressive figures, and arguments as to why DCA is a good strategy if you want to, but most of all, why is bitcoin in the long term is a good investment. Especially at times such as these, where the daily candles for a few weeks, quite red in the face, it is good to get the perspective of the long-term good to keep in mind. DCA has been in a bear market as of the end of 2018, with the share price began to 18.300 dollars, and in the year that ended on 3.870 usd.
So, if you’re in a panic because the course is extremely volatile, is the time to think about selling (or buying) of a bitcoin. For now, leave the long-term, that is, the rate of return is good. And, certainly, in the run-up to the pre-halvening may 2020, which in terms of price action, much of it is expected.

Verreken with your salary

And not least important, on average, buy-gives you peace of mind. You are not dependent on the whims and chaos of the track. If you don’t know how to get started with DCA, you would have your employer able to agree on is that each month a portion of your paycheck in bitcoin to be paid. Then you don’t need to do anything. We have a good idea.

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