“I’m not a bitcoin or cryptocurrency’

A couple of weeks ago, dineerde TRON-founder of One Sun with an American businessman, Warren Buffet. The Sun paid a whopping 4.5 million dollars in order to be able to dine with a Buffet dinner. That amount of money went to a good cause, helping homeless people to eat in San Francisco.
This one the Sun was in good spirits at the dinner, with the idea of getting Warren Buffet to encourage the use of cryptocurrency. But what happens now that Warren Buffet has never had bitcoin been given, in spite of the Sun that have run. That said the American, a businessman, in a recent interview with CNBC.

Counter: ‘Cryptocurrency’is not a value of”

Warren Buffet and expressly disclaims all, representations of One’s Sun. On the question of whether Making the Sun made him convinced that he says the following:

“We had a very nice meeting, but the cryptocurrency has no value. Cryptocurrency that produces nothing.”

He goes on: “What will happen is that you will be a cryptocurrency to purchase, in the hope that the value increases. After that, you can sell it, but someone else is with them. However, if we are talking about is the value of zero.”

The Buffet does not have bitcoin

And then asked the reporter what it was like for bitcoin to have had the Buffet a laugh: “I have no bitcoin or cryptocurrency, and will never own one. No company does anything with the cryptocurrency.”
Finally, it throws in a Buffet is still a stereotype on the table, “I don’t know what bitcoin is before use. I think that bitcoin is still being used for illegal money transfers. That is, the economic contribution of bitcoin to the community.”

It has One Sun, then, all together, a lie?

The tweets from One Sun to be seen, it turned out that Warren Buffet was convinced of the cryptocurrency. These two tweets seem to be something quite different to say than a Buffet, in an interview with CNBC he said. Who is right?

The Buffet seems to be not of a mind to be changed. And it was, in fact, that is to be expected, given his previous statements on bitcoin. Mentioned earlier, the businessman and bitcoin is, for example, ‘rat poison in the square’.
Well, just try to run it.

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