Imagine the world that is coming, part II: Autonomous

Continuing with our series of articles, we decided to go with one of the sons wonders of the theme of the last time. It is an issue that primarily has focused on cars, but can scale to much more. We refer to the possibility of the autonomous, allowing it to evolve to the machines.


When the persons appointed or seeking on the subject of what self usually the first thing that appears are the autonomous cars. However, this theme covers much more than the transport. Even what we have exposed here in CriptoTendencia, particularly in the Consumer Electronics Show these past few years. The general confusion lies in the definition of self, without realizing that this subject abounds in the day-to-day. Starting from the Industrial Revolution in the EIGHTEENTH century, according to Scientific American, what self is to replace the person by machinery, with the aim of performing a task. For this reason, the idea of an autonomous vehicle implies that is a vehicle that can be operated independently, without a person behind the wheel. The same people at Scientific American explained the current situation with the changes of the self. Noting that there are two important trends:

Robot see, Robot mimics

This is an evolution of the phrase monkey see, monkey mimics, only now it is the autonomous robot the main character. The idea is that by using the quality of machine learning Intelligences Artificial, the robots learn the tasks performed by each employee. In this way the industries are looking for more efficient solutions when working. Highlight the main industry where progress is being made in this topic is the health, considering that delicate operations can be performed autonomously.

Improvement of quality of life

The second trend currently is that people can improve their quality of life in an accelerated manner. Beyond an autonomous vehicle to facilitate the transport of people, there are companies that are researching and developing robots to help in the home. The wizards of smart and connected objects for the Internet of Things is a start. However, particularly in Asia, there are companies developing specialized assistants. For example, an autonomous robot bartender for every occasion.


However, in the same way that we did with the AI, there are obstacles that complicate the development of the self. Starting with the resistance on the part of the users. This occurs because it touches a subject of ethics and morality, given that it is replacing a person by a robot. Therefore, there enter into play elements, such as trade unions. The second issue is the complication of experience, given that experience with something self-contained you can make a lethal to a person. Taking as an example the most common thing, the autonomous car, which can not be tested in the streets by legal matters, require special permits. This makes sense because if the system fails and you hit 120 km/h, it can cost the life of the wreck. The following two tabs change content below. I am a student of economics, interested in innovation and technological development, always faithful to that tomorrow will be a better day.

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