Imagine the world that is coming, part VI: Blockchain

Almost reaching the end of our series of articles, which let us imagine the world, we find a sixth special delivery for us. On this occasion we set forth on our favorite technology, the Blockchain. In addition, we want to emphasize that we have a series parallel, on the success of this technology in the world.


As we possess a series of articles in which we expose cases of success of the technology Blockchain, we invite you to explore the timeliness of this technology. However, what we will do on this occasion to help us imagine the world, we make an introduction and sketch of the current situation. Starting highlighting a major achievement for the technology Blockchain, which for us is a pride to say. Basically is that the chain of blocks because it is not a shadow of cryptocurrencies. Although it may seem like something minor or no, this recognition is of vital importance for developers focused on Blockchain. If you recall our articles of 2018 and early 2019, several companies reported that they supported the technology of Blockchain and not the criptos. This division is important to highlight the importance that technology has chain of blocks as an individual independent of the criptos. The way that the technology Blockchain managed to get your name independent was thanks to the amount of the successful projects that we have exposed in the page. Since distribution industries, as does IBM. Highlighting that there are more reputable companies betting on this technology, either as wal-Mart, the same as Nike and even Goldman Sachs. It can be seen that what we are focusing on a side business or corporate, but the technology Blockchain has also been influential in the development of countries. Whether it is from the giant of the desert of United Arab Emirates, to the asian giant that dominates the production retailer from China. Therefore, it can be seen that effectively the technology Blockchain managed to break the chains which bind only to the criptos. Highlighting that is shining in the areas of information storage, information distribution and security in the world. Given that, with respect to this last point, there is currently a dispute between the IA and Blockchain.

Trends to 2020

While we already did an article with the trends to 2020 of the technology Blockchain. On that occasion we focused on the theme of trends to consider for the part of corporate and business most of all. On this occasion, we will present the trends of impact Blockchain all over the world, with the help of BlockchainLand. Starting with one that seems to us important for the mankind, stating that there will be a boom of social impact projects. Emphasizing that in this area will have quite an influence on the UNICEF, given that plans to work with certain specific projects: the Image of UNICEF to imagine the world with greater social impact of the Blockchain stating that the UNICEF you want these areas of social impact to improve with the help of technology Blockchain this 2020. In addition, it highlights the issue of democracy and governance, being the second important trend for this 2020. Considering that the technology Blockchain will have an impact on confidence in the public sector. It alleges that this year the chain of blocks, with its transparency and security, you may at last enter into areas of policy impact, such as presidential elections.


However, as has been demonstrated over the years, there are various obstacles that still must be overcome for the success of this technology. Starting with the regulations obsolete, causing the application of the platforms Blockchain to occur more slowly. This occurs particularly, ironically, in the occidental developed countries, like the united States or the United Kingdom.

Imagine the world

In the same way, we can finish, let’s imagine the world as if tomorrow we could vote in the presidential elections using technology Blockchain. Can you imagine be able to finally see in real time the votes if Trump is elected? The following two tabs change content below. I am a student of economics, interested in innovation and technological development, always faithful to that tomorrow will be a better day.

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