In Bitcoin and buying Gold is better to invest than Save? According to the Rich Dad Poor Dad author if this is the case

Meanwhile, more and more rum: Fiat speaks it-money is nothing, what you should save. The money printing can only in A ends in a massive devaluation of the currency. People who deal with Bitcoin & co. aware of that, but unfortunately, this is not for the masses out there. Therefore, it is all the more important, more and more people speak out, the hearing can enjoy the Many. This prominent business man and successful author, Robert Kiyosaki who called publicly, in Bitcoin investing makes more sense than save counts. What was this, his followers are saying on Twitter, else, let’s look now in more detail.

Bitcoin and Gold instead of worthless Fiat money

Kiyosaki is, apart from his business ventures, especially for his global Bestseller Rich Dad, Poor Dad known. It was published in 1997, instantly became a New York Bestseller and has sold over 32 million copies in more than 100 countries. In it, he explains to his readers in simple words, as you do not need to change your image of money, so you work longer for money, but your money starts to work for you.He also predicted the financial crisis of 2008 and criticized the U.S. government-taken measures. Lately, he warned that a new, much worse recession. In order to protect himself, he called on the people to the “false Dollars” away. In Bitcoin investing or to buy Gold, makes the successful business man and multi-millionaire much more sense.More specifically, he finds on Twitter even clearer words. It is said in his Tweet:

Save money: Are you crazy? Why save money when the QE (Quantitative Easing), the FED counterfeiting trillions of counterfeit Dollars printing – $82 billion per month to $125 billion per day? Why save, when the ZIRP, the Zero interest rate policy, and the losers Zero paid? Gold – God’s money or Bitcoin to save on the money of the people.

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The rapid devaluation of the dollar

Kiyosaki pointed to the recent stimulus package of the United States, which amounts to a total of 6.2 trillion dollars. Officially, it should take the pressure off of businesses and citizens, in order to stabilize the economy. In reality, however, the value of the dollar is reduced in terms of its real purchasing power with each new Dollar that is printed.Money cannot be created out of Nothing, something of value, however. The quantity of money increases, but their total purchasing power remains the same. That is, if the number of dollars increases at a constant amount of purchasing power, is according to Adam Riese, that reduces purchasing power of each individual dollar. It is called Inflation. Is to be printed quickly to a lot of money, it can even lead to Hyperinflation. This means that the currency is devalued in a rapid speed.Therefore, people are better advised to invest their money in commodities, which already have a value, and not arbitrarily created out of Nothing can be. The of Kiyosaki recommended Gold and our beloved Bitcoin belongs to sometimes.

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