In technical analysis, this is what Ethereum to a 288 dollar can go up

In July, the following steps have been taken in the direction of ETH zurich 2.0. The most significant change has been the transition from the Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS). The expectations regarding ethereum are very high, and this can be seen in the rising share price. But what do we do with the price of ethereum? A brief analysis of the.

Ethereum is in a rising channel,

Just like bitcoin is moving in the direction of ethereum is located in the channel between the two ascending trend lines in this. You can see this in the vieruurs chart below, then back in. As long as the price is not below the lower trend emerges, the trend line to be valid. The bottom line is, is up to around 215 dollars (191 million).

A step-by-step

The Fibonacci sequence in technical analysis is frequently used for resistors, and the media to describe them. And now, the Fibonacci of us are not in the sample, and the values give a clear picture of the course. The range is from the bottom, on the 13th of march to the last peak on June 2. We watch them, we see a striking pattern.

The chart below shows the current exchange rate of the ethereum.

Each and every time the share price to a new level of discipline and testing, and the price is, once again, the underlying Fibonacci-line. After a successful test shoot, and the price is almost right on. Up to now, ethereum is the red Fibonacci line in 0.236 have not yet been tested. This is equivalent to 213 usd (190 eur). As this pattern is, for example, continues to repeat the course, the first is a fix to this problem before it continues to increase.

What will the market do?

With the launch of the Ethereum 2.0, it is only about a month (fingers crossed, you don’t know, but have never). However, what is the course about a week to do it? We will describe two scenarios to you: be bullish (positive) and bearish (negative). Are you looking for the four-uursgrafiek of ethereum. In order to get a better look at the resistors and their supports, we have to zoom out on the graph.

The orange zone shows the price this week against that has to be sanded, which is 250 dollars (223 million). Work with the ethereum to get through it to break it? Then it is 288 dollar, in view of (257 euros), and the green line on the chart. This was back in February, and a strong resistance.

If ethereum value decreases, then the price is probably in the red bar at around 215 dollars (191 million). This corresponds to the bottom surface of the channel, but also on the Fibonacci line and 0.236. It is, therefore, quite possible that in the course of there support.

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