In the Facebook groups can be a fake zelfmoordpillen for the bitcoin is sold with Breaking News

In a survey conducted by the BBC, dozens of Facebook pages that claim to have a nuclear plant and sell it to people who have committed suicide might be considered. This change of attitude comes in the form of tablets and will be sold for bitcoin.

A good transaction

The scammers will give you detailed instructions on how to gifpillen to use them, and what they are going to do it. They try to get their victims not to be discouraged. For them, it’s just another transaction, ” wrote BBC’s reporter, Marco Silva, who is a Facebook groups to be infiltrated.

Silva pulled out the legal status of the company in question, the scammer responded by saying that they have a lot of experience:

“We have been doing it for a long time. Don’t worry, you’ll want to have.”

The BBC called the name of the chemical, but said that the pills are more than 60 Facebook pages are for sale. The the majority of advertised it as a suicide aid. The question of payments in the cryptocurrency, as it helps them to remain anonymous.

Drugsverkopers move online

The trend fits in with a wider pattern and the increased availability of illegal street drugs that are being offered, they were told by the experts of the BBC.

In april, it told drugsverslavingsspecialist Adam Winstock is that many of the 3.2 million people who are in the United Kingdom are turning to prescription drugs. Also, is there a lot of be bought from the darkweb. This allows the use of the encrypted Tor network to determine the location of the server of the website is to hide it. In addition, it provides a way for the user to be anonymous to be able to buy it.

As for the BBC, Facebook has met with the evidence of the suicide, the scammers, the socialmedia giant’s page, but since then, there have been new published.

Bad reviews

The scam is that they will be in different groups with the same pictures. There are also nepreviews to be shared. This puts users in an awkward situation. Jake Moore, an internet security specialist told the BBC that the affected customers will have their fake zelfmoordpillen not to give it to the police.

An example of this is a remarkable and have absolutely a fake review can be found below. It’s going to be zelfmoordpillen, and still writes to Me that she would like to order. Weird.

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