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The bonanza and the brightness of the venezuelan city disappeared after the political and economic crisis.Four alternative monetary dominate: dollars, colombian pesos, venezuelan bolivars, or bitcoin.Maracaibo is razed to the ground. The former oil town that pushed for years to an entire country now lives in a normalization of the chaos. On several fronts there are conflicts over water, food and gasoline. The scrap dealers are the protagonists of a city that is zombie where the heat literally kills people.The photo of Maracaibo city is miserable, a combination of the movie Mad Max with the tv series The Walking Dead, where the greatest war is the domain of the currency after a futile political conflict that ended with everything at your step. Mostly, there are four alternatives that try to take over the transactions in the battered shops: those who use us dollars (USD), colombian pesos (COP), venezuelan bolivars (VES) and bitcoin (BTC).For decades, the group you SEE was the highest rank and dominance, but their power of influence on the population fell by the distrust of those who promoted the war as legal currency. In the past, have many bolivars was a sign of wealth and prosperity. Today it is exactly the opposite. Those who have bolivars are now suffering the most. The currency is worth so little that it is usual to see it roll on the streets and in the midst of the trash.The counterfeiting of banknotes, plays against the use of the dollars and the pesos in cash. Image: Alexander Sanchez / stock.adobe.comLa preference of the beaten people now, are the american dollars that have cornered 86% of transactions, according to research firm Ecoanalítica. All have and want more dollars, yes, only in banknotes in excellent condition, freshly printed, without erasures, as new and in denominations of $ 10 up, if possible. The other direct way to dollars is transfers with us banks via Zelle.In a city where there is no authorized banks to deposit dollars in cash, people have no other alternative than to store them in their dusty homes. Any place is good, under the mattress or hidden in any piece of clothing in the closet. There are those who take them to the border area, on a perilous journey of 50 miles to Colombia, to exchange them for pesos and buy food.Due to the close proximity with this country, many merchants of Maracaibo and the Zulia state in general, also accept colombian pesos, but with billing in bolivars. As with the dollar, that is paid to any product, service and give tips in restaurants, it also happens with the weights in the local establishments.One element that plays against the dollars and the pesos in cash is counterfeit banknotes. Have also been reported cases of scams and phishing in the offered currencies via social networks with the final result unfavorable to hundreds of people.

Bitcoin wins space

Bitcoin is the fourth alternative that, in the midst of the chaos, has gained visibility. Its use not only continues to becoming more popular in Maracaibo, venezuela, but in Venezuela there are thousands of people that market on a daily basis criptomoneda original. Call in key code BTC, bitcoin you receive as payment at convenience stores, cafes, or shops of electronic devices.Although the dollars and bolivars continue to dominate in Maracaibo, bitcoin arouses interest because it is a criptomoneda that is not limited by borders, resists hyperinflation, is available 24 hours a day and anyone can send and receive the amount that you want. In addition, it is unfalsifiable and serves as a receipt of value.In Maracaibo, Venezuela, more and more people find utility in the use of bitcoin on the bolivar. Although the us dollar continues to dominate the scene. Image: z1b / stock.adobe.comCon these qualities, there are people who see more attractive to manage bitcoins as they may go to any criptobolsa as LocalBitcoins, redeem them at any time of the day and receive money directly to a bank account in bolívares, if you like the person, or to an international account in the national currency of your choice.In contrast, the one who manages dollars or pesos you have two options: to pay with them by knowing what the rate given in the commercial establishments or sell them to third parties for bolivars in the informal market, which can cause delays to the closing.

Gold and black gold digital

The reality of Maracaibo is the oil capital of Venezuela lost its brightness and calm, the same one that won for more than 100 years, thanks to the “black gold”. Now the struggle of its inhabitants is to survive, many as in my case what do we do with bitcoin while minimizing the use of dollars, bolivars or pesos.A way of using bitcoin in Maracaibo is to provide professional services to change this criptomoneda, there is also the possibility of buy bitcoins with bolívares, or to undermine BTC, although this last option looks more uphill in the situation of electrical current. What is certain is that more and more people will find a utility.Maracaibo, for many years it was one of the cities oil with higher economic growth of Venezuela. Image: The Photographer / commons.wikimedia.orgNo is a secret, but it is fighting a battle invisible to win spaces in the use of national currencies or cryptocurrencies in Maracaibo, this without the detonation of any bomb or to shoot someone. There is also no persecutions for there to be greater adoption. It is the population that is avoiding the use of the bolivar, and still sees in bitcoin a mechanism of shelter, not as part of a fictional story, but as a reality to a better handling of the money.The reasons that led to the marabinos to use bitcoin are manifold, but include: the replacement of a weak currency, to counter the devaluation, the scarcity of cash and monetary policies are wrong.It is these same causes which promoted the use of the dollar as a means of escape more next to the use of the bolivar. However, the education of users on bitcoin would be gaining more space, which has served to a percentage not determined in the population as a lifeboat, no longer clinging to the “black gold” but the “digital gold”.Disclaimer: the views and opinions expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Breaking News.

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