In these sites you can pay with BTC to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day

The Bitcoin Pizza Day, this historic event that is celebrated every year, on the 22nd of may, to commemorate the first transaction made with the invention of Satoshi Nakamoto, this year reaches its tenth anniversary. For this reason, the community that revolves and grows around the ecosystem, it manifests full of enthusiasm through social networks, despite the fact that, for the first time, the quarantine colará in the customary feast. The relationship of Bitcoin with pizza began the 22 of may of 2010, when the criptomoneda had not been used as a form of payment, until a developer offered to 10,000 bitcoins for 2 pizzas. On that occasion, Laszlo Hanyecz launched a proposal for the forum of BitcoinTalk: what someone would be willing to take you to your home two pizza’s family in exchange of 10.000 BTC? Although it took four days, he succeeded, and that number of bitcoins today is celebrated, as each year, shows the giant evolution of the criptomoneda and how to catapult your value. To know the story behind the historic event visit the following article Breaking News: Laszlo Hanyecz: originated the Bitcoin Pizza Day and was a pioneer in mining. With the idea that nothing sullied the commemoration, in this article, we present some places in which it is possible to buy pizzas, pay with bitcoin and get them in the door of the house to not breach the rules of social distancing. Venezuela, this territory has been ranked among the countries with the highest volume of global trade in LocalBitcoins, with some options that responded to the call of the community to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day. In Chile there are also some alternatives that allow them to buy the Italian dish with delivery included, and pay with bitcoin, while, in other countries of Latin america, the alternatives decreased due to the fact that the quarantine has forced some establishments to keep their doors closed.

Nonna Bella

Nonna Bella is a restaurant specializing in Italian food, accustomed to receive its broad in its establishment located in Chacaíto, Caracas, Venezuela, but, due to the quarantine by coronavirus, it offers service delivery Monday to Saturday from 11am until 5 in the afternoon.

“Two years ago, we receive payments with bitcoin. We are motivated to accept it since we discovered its benefits in terms of rapidity and security, which are over and above other methods of payment that exist in the country”, he explained to Breaking News Luis Fernando Santaella, manager of the establishment.

The restaurant offers 12 varieties of pizzas ranging from the authentic neapolitan and the simple margarita, passing by the hawaiian, with its exotic ingredients of pineapple and ham, until the special of the house, containing about seven different ingredients.


Lieutenant Pizza, ensures that it covers all of the high mirandinos in Venezuela, to make deliveries of orders of the succulent Italian. Iruam Baez, representative of the enterprise, pointed out that a time ago that reads and reports to know the world of cryptocurrencies. “I think bitcoin is the best alternative in terms of the payment systems that exist in Venezuela, and I think that in a short time, by everything that is happening, the world will radically change the way of how to handle the money, and within it, bitcoin will go favored,” said Baez. The delivery of a Lieutenant’s pizza is active in the hours from 10 in the morning to 9 at night, only in the area. Taking into account that pizza is one of the dishes most versatile and popular of the world, Lieutenant Pizza offers its own blend of ingredients such as, for example, the pizza Captain with Extra Mushrooms, which leads to sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and mushrooms or, they also offer the pizza flyer that contains salsa, cheese, bacon or ham, pineapple and corn.

Similae Pizza

Similae is a delivery pizza that offers services in Santiago de Chile. But beware, this is not a traditional deliveries, because what you get is a box or a kit with all the necessary ingredients to prepare pizzas. “We manufacture and put together the best to prepare your pizza at home,” the ministry said on its web site. Receive bitcoin as a payment method and ensure that they will be attentive to respond to the call of the bitcoiners who wish to cook their dishes in ovens of their own homes. Deliveries of Similae, the make Monday to Friday and Saturday until noon. The orders are made through your website and before 12 noon if you want it to arrive the same day. The kit preparation includes dough long-fermentation and ingredients to prepare the best pizza. An example of the package or boxes that you get, is the pack serrano which comes with three masses of pizza, mozzarella, serrano ham and tomato pulp.

Under the shadow of the coronavirus

Although the community manifest their enthusiasm through social networks, forums and sites of virtual meetings, this year, the commemoration of the Bitcoin Pizza Day has been celebrated under the shadow of the coronavirus and the crisis unleashed by the pandemic, which continues to record negative at the global level. Quarantines totals, restrictions by cities, closures of business, or voluntary confinement. With a few exceptions, virtually all the countries of Latin America have adopted measures to try to curb the spread of the coronavirus. In Argentina, for example, many restaurants remain closed. One of these establishments is Antidomingo, a place in which for years used to receive payments in bitcoin. “We used to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day, but this year the celebration coincided with the quarantine and we have remained closed since this started and we still do not have plans of reopening,” he said to Breaking News, a person who identified himself as Dany. The restaurant smart Foster Nutrition, located in the province of Tucuman of Argentina, which on other occasions has added to the celebration, to receive payments with bitcoin, is without activity, and, since the start of the quarantine have been serving the staff working in the health centres. Breaking News requested information, but until now has not received answers. The place is completely supported in the use of technological tools, excluding human participation in the process of customer care and delivery of these, but it was a busy area due to that its clients should withdraw their orders from the pits.

From the virtual world

The pandemic spreads in every bloodstream of humanity, goes through absolutely everything, it mobilizes the economic, social, cultural, and of course health. Isolation, social, preventive and mandatory reshaped human relations became more intense and at the same time more distant. This year, the Bitcoin Pizza Day had to catapult their evolution towards the virtual world, disappearing from the map of the meetup, talks, forums and other activities that used to be organized on the physical plane, to celebrate the historical event that took place 10 years ago. NGOS (non governmental Organizations) Bitcoin of Chile and Argentina, they held meetings online to celebrate the occasion. The bitcoiners chileans will meet at 7:30 pm may 22, while the argentines launched a charity campaign for collection of funds, with the idea of assisting at three dining halls that require support in order to collaborate with others during the pandemic.

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