Interested in in in Ethereum is still an all-time high – BAC Directly

The options on the Ethereum are as popular as ever. With Ethereum 2.0 is around the corner, and have the investors may have a reason to be bullish-to-be.

The highlight for Ethereum

According to the data of the Skew Analytics, and have contracts for Ethereum to be one of the most important optiebeurzen Deribit a new all-time high is achieved. There are more than 108 million u.s. dollars reached an all-time high of more than 108 million dollars worth of open interest.

This means that more and more investors to abandon their investment, hedging when it comes to the price of Ethereum in the next few months. Those of you who have the contract to publish like to make money on the basis of their faith in the way the Ethereum exchange rate will develop.

A sign on the wall

It is a sign that there is something to it, to find out more about the Ethereum 2.0 will be release on the schedule, is the high level of activity, a bullish sign on the surface of the wall. You can see that in the price, which at the time of the writing of 5 per cent.

Check price Ethereum

For more options

Derbit has grown to become the largest Ethereum-exchange. However, the vast majority of the options on the Derbit to be in the USD is unwound, which means that it is not some of the SIGHTS of the ownership change, when a contract is terminated. Instead, it is the market value of ETH is used to make the payment to determine if it is an option contract will be carried out. Options contracts give holders the right (but not the obligation) in Ethereum, for a given date in the future at a certain price in order to buy or sell.

The competition in the market in the Ethereum options has increased over the past few months. Binance and ErisX to have both options, Ethereum will be added to their platforms this month.

In september 2019, there seemed to be a spike, when it increased the price of Ethereum, in three weeks from just under 170 to the dollar to 200 dollar. It was also in February 2020, when the share price in a six-week period, almost 125 per cent rise. Options traders that want to take advantage of such prices, because the prices of the option contracts is based on the market price at the time the contract is issued.

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