Investors in Digix DAO to vote for their refund

January 24, 2020 by Océane

The dice are thrown. It seems that the majority of the members of the community Digix DAO try to become to leave the ship. The project Ragnarok, namely to return the funds (collected during a ICO) of the box for investors, comes into effect to be approved at 95%, with a total of 56 votes.

For the recovery of the investment

Investors in Digix DAO can now withdraw their investment funds.
The cash ICO platform represents a present value of $ 64 million of Ether, but will soon be transferred to those who are in possession of tokens DGD. The distribution among investors is done to 0.19 ETH for each token DGD inmate.
Remember that the ICO launched by Digix DAO was one of the most memorable in the history of the ICO, in the years 2016-2017. The platform would have to be up at that time a total of 450 000 ETH, that is, a value of approximately $ 7 million.
Now, Digix DAO holds approximately 380 000 ETH, or a value of approximately $ 46 million, in two different addresses. These funds should be transferred into contracts for the repayment so that investors can recover their funds.

A transfer not authorised by Digix ?

In addition, the voting system has been put in place in order to respond to the request of the community. The object of this query is to ensure that the holders of tokens DGD wanting to renounce the agreements originally established in the possibility of a break in complete freedom with the Digix DAO.
Thanks to the project Ragnarok, users can get a refund. This new rule is also effective for new investors that want to build the platform.
Curiously, the direction of Digix disapproves of just this proposal. Suddenly, she abstained from voting. It has even been argued that the platform will not close some of the doors even if his investors give up.
Do you think that the Digix DAO could make ends meet after that its investors do not ? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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