The IOTA Foundation launches IOTA Academy

The Foundation IOTA, a non-profit organization, has run an international programme of the academy , based in Berlin and Shanghai, and this, in order to accelerate the development of the ecosystem IOTA with a teaching programme dedicated to specialists Blockchains of the future.

Accelerate the development of the ecosystem with IOTA Academy

The financial world is going through a period of change more and more visible with the creation of innovative technologies that raise the interest of large companies.

The Foundation’s IOTA has initiated IOTA Academy, a new environment for developers in the grass who want to get involved in the industry of crypto-currencies and the Blockchain.

It offers several options for online training with combined courses for those who prefer physical meetings.

Although teaching can turn more toward developers, it also offers additional exercises for non-coders.

In fact, the course aims to attract as many citizens as possible to promote the rapid development of the sector of virtual currencies.

The official blog of the IOTA Academy emphasizes this point for the lovers of the big registry distributed, from which students in most of companies, designers and decision-makers from c-level to enjoy.

The Foundation plans to add other perspectives to the current list of educational content in the coming weeks.

The training sessions enable you to obtain a ” Certification of developer IOTA “ at the end of a written evaluation and oral success. Members of the Foundation’s IOTA will administer the study process.

An education with a direct link to crypto-currencies

The academy will serve as advertising for the network IOTA, in addition to the training of developers.

Holger Köther, the director of partner management at the Foundation IOTA, said :

“We believe that an investment in education IOTA, as well as the acquisition of knowledge in a short time, will be a great advantage for companies, engineers and developers in order to actively shape the Internet of things (IoT) ecosystems and Machine-to-Machine to come.”

The Foundation’s IOTA is not the only one to have had this idea. She has joined other businesses related to the industry of crypto-currencies and the Blockchain for educational initiatives.

Recall that Ripple Labs and the Foundation Cardano have launched their own programs dedicated to emerging technologies.

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