IOTA has developed the Unified Identity Protocol on Tangle

The IOTA has stated that she is working on the development of a Digital Identity system on the IOTA Blockchain. Branding the Whole as a Unified Identity Protocol. The digital identity Protocol, which aims to build on the Tangle, forming the basis for trusted interactions and Server, as an Enabler of the Economy of Things.

IOTA allows for easy control of the identities

In a published Whitepaper entitled “The Case for a Unified Identity,” explained IOTA of their Vision for the Digital Identity System to Tangle.The white paper provides insights into the topic and describes why those who need a robust Digital Identity System should use a common trusted layer. The IOTA proposed solution is to strengthen the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and provides an easy control over the creation and management of identities.The proposed solution from IOTA provides additional verifiable access to data, building a digital identity and at the same time, a digital Form of the proof of offer of physical properties.The IOTA Digital Identity Solution, when it is finally active, will serve as a focal point between the virtual and the physical world. It offers a solution to the age-related limitations of the Internet identification system.

IOTA provides the perfect breeding ground for decentralized privacy

The IOTA Protocol was developed in terms of “data protection and privacy”, and complies with the worldwide applicable laws for the protection of the privacy and data management, such as the European General data protection regulation (GDPR).The Digital Identity System of IOTA will offer the possibility of real attributes on the Internet to prove it.Since the solution has IOTA as the backbone, the Protocol, a trusted and neutral System for the identification in the network. With this solution, no one should have the ability to control certain activity.There is no Form of access control, that is, it is a decentralized Protocol. The network will be when it starts, permissionless, feeless and public and give everyone the opportunity to participate.

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