IOTA turnaround initiated The Roadmap, Bittrex, “Drama”, and 130%

The IOTA course exploded this morning literally and by more than 17% increase. Currently, IOTA is a price of around $ 0.36 and a market capitalization of almost a billion USD. Although the IOTA Foundation was able to make last year great steps forward, the current Pump is not predictable. We look at the possible reasons and give a possible view on the future of the IOTA course development the next few weeks and months.

IOTA course brings air to 2019

The technology of IOTA is versatile and can be used in different areas. The core competence, so as the Name suggests, but still on the area of the Internet of things (IoT). Also, the recently published Market Research of the company, FS Insights, which was created in behalf of Dominik Schiener, is mainly made in the IoT market, and in IOTA in the process, could play a role. A possible IOTA, it was predicted rate until the year 2035 of USD $ 100.
Although IOTA has announced in the past year, some interesting partnerships and development achievements, stagnated in the IOTA course of the entire year 2019. From the beginning to the end of the year, the IOTA course had to lose hard-plug it in and about 50%. Although there were in the summer, a short-term High, which was triggered by a strong Bitcoin price Performance, but that was only a short pleasure. A few weeks later, the case moved to the end of the BTC course IOTA back down.

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IOTA course introduces the trend and achieved over 130% since December 2019

However, in December 2019, there was not only a reversal of the trend for Bitcoin, but also in the case of IOTA and many other Altcoins. Many already speak of a possible Altcoin Season, the stands shortly before the outbreak. Why we are several years from such a rally away, you will find in this article. The IOTA course, increased in the last few weeks, extreme and 130% growth. But what are the reasons for this sharp rise are?
As so often, there appears to be no explicit reason why the course is, of all things, increased so strong today. The News of the last few weeks were certainly positive, but had no direct influence on the course. In this case, the Update to the Status of the Coordicide, the Market Research of FS Insights, and the potential payment system played a role on the Basis of IOTA from BOSCH is a possible key.
In addition, there were a few days ago, the long-awaited Listing on Bittrex Global, one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world. This increases the reach of IOTA enormous. Because the project is still in an English-language phenomenon. In no other room (D. A. CH) the project has a strong Community. In part, it is also being discussed abroad is controversial.
Another reason for the IOTA rate increase could be the new Roadmap by the end of 2019, which has scheduled some exciting developments up to February and March. This could therefore be already priced in now and the potential price drivers represent.
Also the newly revived dispute between the former IOTA Board Member Sergey Invancheglo and the IOTA founder David Sonstebo could also have increased attention for the project. According to Sergey, the outstanding amount should be paid by the Foundation to the developer has not been transferred yet. He has let his displeasure yesterday announced by Twitter and had to reckon with harsh criticism of David. Sergey is even in consideration, its allocated share of the equivalent of 25 million IOTA, in the current counter-value of approximately 7.7 million USD, legally claim.

Bitcoin exchange rate development indicates the direction of the

In the end it will probably be a combination of many different factors. In the last few weeks, so some of the Altcoins have risen over 100% executed, without any positive News. The Altcoins currently have to explode your Momentum and the courses, often for no apparent reason. The dependency on the Bitcoin exchange rate can not be rationalized away. A strong movement of BTC and the Party could be over quickly.
However, in the case of Bitcoin, the Halving is coming up and the prospects are to may pretty positive. A green Bitcoin exchange rate could provide additional room for many Altcoins. Therefore, the prospects for the IOTA course are to may also bullish. However, a correction after such a strong rise, within the shortest possible time is always likely. So we should wait first for the next few weeks, and the course of development closely monitored. Only then will we be able to say how sustainable the current Pump actually is.
Tomorrow is us, Felix is sure to bring the TA side-light into the darkness. Until then, we enjoy the Pump and sit back.
How is it perform, in your opinion, IOTA in the next few weeks? The Foundation is the expectations of the Community?
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