Iran grants a license to the biggest farm of mine in the country

In granting an operating licence to the corporation, dispose of, Iran welcomes legally one of the greatest actors of mine. The company intends to deploy more than 6000 devices of crypto-mining, each with a computing power of 16 TH/s in the country.

An actor of the first rank

The iranian ministry of industry, mines and trade has granted a licence to dispose of, so that it can operate freely in the country. The company is based in Turkey, has obtained the necessary permissions to build a farm, blasting mammoth in the province of Semnan in Iran.
The new infrastructure dedicated to the mining of the Bitcoin will be funded to the tune of $ 7.3 million and will create more than 6000 devices of blasting that are capable of delivering a power of calculation total of 96 000 térahash per second.
On his official site, dispose of itself as “one of the first and of the most reputable” companies dedicated to the mining of crypto-assets in Turkey, Russia, Canada, and the United States.

Booming with activity

Since the iranian government has legitimacy to the activities of crypto-mining in July 2019, the country has been flooded with license applications. In recent months, the islamic Republic has issued more than 1000 licenses of crypto-operators.
Iran is becoming a hub for mining due to the low cost of electricity and new legislation favorable to the mining of crypto-currencies.
However, the country is faced with a dilemma : it does not have resources in electricity sufficient to power both the overall activities of the mine and homes in iran. The ministry of Energy of iran believes that the mining of a single bitcoin is equivalent to the annual consumption of 24 houses.
In the past few months, Homayoon Haeri, a member of the department of Energy, discusses the possibility of applying a tariff of electricity higher to the miners of crypto-currencies to reduce their energy consumption.
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