Is it not time for the panic

The panic never is a good advisor when making financial decisions. Especially, when it is going through a political crises, health and economic more hard to remember the humanity. For this reason, it sometimes takes someone to remind us that it is not the end of the world and that, therefore, is not a time for panic. And that’s what you’re trying to express Anthony Pompliano in the Tweet of the day:

Is it time to panic in the crypto world?

The whole world is going through a crisis most difficult of the history, it is not a secret to absolutely no one. The impact of the expansion of the Coronavirus at the global level, only in the health of the people, are immense. With thousands of dead and hundreds of thousands of infected were distributed among all countries. This, without counting with the devastating impact of the disease on the markets. Causing a sharp collapse in the major stock exchanges in the planet. And forcing governments to pledge stimulus packages billionaires, to try to generate confidence in the markets, and stop pointing to be the economic recession most severe since the great crash of ’29. In a context such as this, it is normal that most of the people think that the time has come to panic and try to exit as soon as possible of your financial assets, so as not to suffer losses that will bring about the crisis. An attitude that, according to Anthony Pompliano, on his Twitter account, it would not be very smart: “While the majority of the people is being incredibly defensive, financially, the richest of the world are preparing to deploy billions in an effort to buy all the assets cheap. Educate yourselves to themselves. No one is taking care of them“.

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