Is This A Perfect Time To Invest In Ethereum ETH?

If we look at the graphic of the ETH in 2018 it is to run away from an Ethereum investment, but if we look at the “full film” it may be an interesting time to buy Ethers.

At the time of writing, the Ether is traded exactly at the psychological barrier of 200 dollars, great value to defend in the short term.


What are the reasons for the price drop of the ETH in 2018?

There are several reasons that are putting in check the second most important cryptocurrency in the world, but I remain with these 3 key factors that have led to its depreciation.

  1. Many ICOs were mounted on their platform, which liquidated their ETH very quickly, causing massive Ethereum sales.
  2. Bad reputation. This point is chained to the previous one, adding that many ICOs have been elaborate scams, causing a bad Ethereum press.
  3. As if that were not enough, the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, recently called Ethereum’s Blockchain a garbage. In addition, he added a few days ago slipped the possibility of selling his Ethers.

With all these negative news it is almost a “miracle” that Ethereum is still afloat. The 2018 graph speaks for itself.

Now… What is your outlook for the future?

There are predictions of all kinds regarding the possible future of Ethereum… Some predict it could go down to US$ 100, and even the most pessimistic could disappear. On the other hand, the most optimistic, point out that the ETH could close around US$ 260 in 2018.

Personally, I believe that the ETH will have a tough battle around 200 dollars, to then define its future for 2019. As long as you negotiate above the annual minimum of US$ 170, there is no reason to be alarmed.

It should not be forgotten that the ETH at the beginning of 2017 was barely worth US$ 10.

I would like to end with a positive note regarding Ethereum. At the end of September Tom Lee, a well-known Wall Street investor, sentenced:

“Ethereum is prepared for a big recovery in the immediate future.”

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