Jack Stevens: Trezor has made immense contributions to the development of the bitcoin, BTC Direct

Satoshi Labs, well-known for their hardware wallet and Trezor, and BTC’s goals from last week! This means that you will be in the walletomgeving of the Trezor, BTC is going Right back to find. To celebrate, we asked Marek “Slush” Palatinus, from Satoshi Labs, and Jack Stevens, all the ins and outs.

In part 1 of this two-part series, we speak with the CEO of BTC is Right, the Second highest position. Read on tomorrow for part 2 and Satoshi Labs. If you want to know more about working with us? We would recommend this post to Trezor. And if you don’t have Trezor Model of T (up to the value of 180 euro)? Good news! We are one of five:

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Why is BTC, Directly in front of it, chosen to work together with Satoshi Labs?

‘At the beginning of 2013, we launched the first version of the Breaking News, and in a market that is primarily comprised of hobby projects of other bitcoin enthusiasts. Bitcoin, Twitter, or Bitcoin Reddit didn’t exist yet, or barely, and in the discussions that took place at BitcoinTalk.org.

We would very much like to get in contact with other bitcoinners, so you can imagine our delight was great when there was a Bitcoin conference held in Amsterdam in may 2013. It was great to hear what everyone else is doing, and the stories of the bitcoinners one of the first to experience it.

During the conference, we were told, for the first time, there will be a new way to get your coins to a secure storage on a hardware wallet. The party, which had just been started, called their product, Trezor, and I know it is not much enthusiasm for it as it was received.

In a collaboration with Satoshi Labs, except for a very, very logical, looking at the synergies between the two services, it is also a tribute to both the Trezor when BTC is now in a Direct way. If you have more than 7 years as a stable force in an industry that is as dynamic as it is beautiful to get a partnership to achieve this.’

So, how did that collaboration come about?

Trezor is since 2013 the most well-known hardware wallet. Almost everyone that bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency has possession of it, at the very least have heard of it. Hardware wallets have made a huge contribution to the speed at which Bitcoin is developing.

There are, of course, huge amounts of capital stored on the Trezor devices, that is, in the absence of a reliable storage is a way, perhaps, but never in the ecosystem, were enrolled. The BTC have, in turn, more than half a million people in the eu have helped to make their first computer to buy. Be a part of them send in his or her computer for an exchange to be performed, but in another part it sends it straight to Trezor to HODL and.

The collaboration is quite organic to have been made by looking at the behavior of the consumer, and the points A and B connect to each other.

BTC is Right, it is a non-depository broker, a currency exchange desk, where you will be responsible for the safe storage of your coins. How does the collaboration with Satoshi Labs, the vision of the BTC, Right?

We’ve always been a big proponent of the “not your keys, not your coin” principle. That’s why we have a choice to Breaking News is always a non-custodian to be let in. Trezor has made it possible for individuals and businesses to make a quick and secure way of implementing this principle. The synergy that we have with this collaboration is to improve the it is extremely.

What is the added value for the customer?

How to buy and sell straight from your Trezor wallet is just a shortcut to it on the way in which it once was. In lieu of that, a new tab will be open between the two panels to switch to, you can now have everything from the Trezor interface, while the BTC is Directly under the water, and the transaction is handled with the speed at which we have grown accustomed to. And, perhaps, the greatest advantage is, you don’t have to ship to address for more about writing copy. This allows bitcoins to buy just a little bit safer.

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