Japanese police arrests two men suspected of having bought a NEM from the piracy of Coincheck

Holding crypto-currencies originating in the hacking of 523 000 000 $ in NEM, two men were boarded by the Tokyo police, after a thorough investigation. They will answer before the justice for violation of the law prohibiting the participation of organized crime.

Acceptance of proceeds of crime

The hacking of Coincheck has involved more than 100 investigators from the disappearance of $ 523 million of NEM.
Recently, this is the Tokyo police has managed to unearth new evidence of the stolen funds by arresting two men suspected of having purchased crypto-currencies from this volume, In the present instance, the japanese residents Takayoshi Doi, and Masaki Kitamoto would have knowingly purchased these assets in an informed manner, what constitutes a violation of the japanese law that expressly prohibits the acceptance of proceeds of crime.

The first actors of the flight arrested

In the Face of accusations of the investigators, Kitamoto has admitted his guilt by stating to receive nearly $ 19 million to piracy. Currently, he is with his partner the first two players arrested for their participation in the flight (at least indirectly).
In addition, the monitoring system of crypto-currencies applied by the foundation NEM through the protocol of “Mosaic” is useless, given that the pirates have made the exchange of the NEM in BTC and LTC with price less than 15 and less than 20%. In this perspective, it will be increasingly difficult to trace the flow of exchange of NEM in the absence of finding real NEM in the wallets of the two men arrested.
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