Javeriana university of Colombia offers a free course to learn about blockchain

The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Colombia announced that it opened a new on-line course to learn about Bitcoin and deepen the basics about the technology blockchain. The activity, specifically intended for a non-technical audience, will start the next 18 of June, will be extended by 5 weeks, with a dedication of approximately 40 hours in total through the platform edX.

The course titled “Fundamentals of technology blockchain” guide to the student about the source of Bitcoin and the functioning of the chains of blocks. It will also provide an understanding of the implications and business opportunities associated with the way in which, the underlying technology of the cryptocurrencies, is influencing the global industries, as reflected in a publication on the website of the university.

The private institution also opened other courses and free seminars, he has been developing and offering educational strategies non-formal high-level academic with the purpose of contribute with the development of the country.

César Tulio Ossa, director of Continuing Education of the house of studies pointed out that both supply and demand virtual of the institution has grown 35%, “or is that yes it is happening, people are looking for the topic virtual and that encourages us to continue to increase the offer of courses, both virtual and online,” such as an overview of the local media.

The course on Bitcoin and blockchain stands out among the virtual activities open and massive, MOOCS, for its acronym in English, that are free of charge and free access to any person in the world. The university has a system of certification of optional payment that grants a badge digital validated in a chain of blocks, at a cost of USD 49.

To learn more about one of the issues that is making an impact in the world, also available are 10 other courses on the blockchain that can be used to advantage for the duration of the quarantine, such as mentioned in an article of Breaking News.

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On the other hand, the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) announced on June 9, the opening of a master’s degree in Technology Blockchain and Criptoeconomía. The graduate program has a one-year duration and will be conducted in person Monday to Friday between 15:00 and 19:00 hours in the Faculty of Science and Technology of the university, from the next month of October up to September 2021.

In Colombia, 10 other universities are giving diplomas and certificates in a blockchain. The digital document allows individuals to reflect and communicate on their social profiles, emails, web pages and other channels, that meet the requirements to be able to exercise their professional work.

Also, these badges will allow businesses, institutions and organizations, both public and private, to identify those who have met with academic activities certifying and verifying its legitimacy with extreme simplicity.

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