Jim Rogers: The price of Bitcoin will fall to 0

Jim Rogers, the expert in your moment mentioned the rise of a financial bubble of Bitcoin to 2017, now presents a prediction curious about the decline of this criptomoneda. Specifically has said that the cryptocurrencies will be set aside with the passing of time. According to him, the price of Bitcoin will fall to 0 eventually, just like the other altcoins.

Why Rogers thinks that the price of Bitcoin will fall to 0?

One of the strongest arguments used by Rogers, is the simple presence of the governments. Considers that the community of the cryptocurrencies you can be smarter than any government, but, in the real world are the governments who have the advantage.

Why? “Because governments are something that the crypto-community do not have, and that are the weapons,” he said.

On this basis, it clarifies that the coins present in the global economy, maintain its value by various factors. Its value is influenced by monetary policy, the confidence of the people in them, and its stability.

Instead, Rogers believes that BTC and others similar, have only been able to acquire a fictitious value which sooner or later will cause the criptomundo fall.

These assertions would have to see them with a magnifying glass, considering that in the current context of the world the pandemic of COVID-19 some certainties are being challenged.

Can the central banks keep the value of currencies fiduciary? What are the cryptocurrencies as a Bitcoin the best alternative to the crisis? This is what we will be able to answer in retrospect in the coming months.

Jim Rogers has been described that Bitcoin could fall to 0, considers it a bubble.

The bubble and the cryptocurrencies: a game

Historically, the cryptocurrencies had never had much of a stir as in the past 4 years. These reached a valuation much higher with respect to previous years due to the immense popularity that took it thanks to the miners, who every day were on the rise.

For Rogers, this represented a warning of a bubble. In this way, the investor gave them to know their perception on the Bitcoin market, describing it in technical form as “a game”.

This is a bubble clear (…). The cryptocurrencies are not a target of investment. It is just a game.

Jim Rogers

However, Rogers is not the only one to highlight the existence of this financial bubble of the Bitcoin. In the past many billionaires and capitalists around the world such as Warren Buffett and George Soros, describe this market in the same way.

However, the growth of Bitcoin has been sustained since its creation 11 years ago, and each day arise initiatives that do more than strengthen it. This does not prevent you certainly to be an active volatile, but it is precisely this that attracts many investors.


As well as there are in the Bitcoin market a lot of analysts and investors that give prestige to the community of traders within the criptomundo, also present views that are not as flattering.

In other words, as in any market, will always be present detractors of the characteristics of their products. In this case, Jim Rogers outlined his reasons for considering Bitcoin’s a bubble, and that it will drop to 0 at any time.

However, Bitcoin has been able to reach scales unimaginable in terms of valuation refers to thanks to a great community that constantly invests time and effort to continue to grow. The arguments on whether it is a bubble or not, have not disappeared in 10 years, and will not do so as he grows.

What do you think would happen, it will be true that the price of Bitcoin will fall to 0?

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