John McAfee is critical of the political spectrum american

January 8, 2020 by Océane

The crazy ideas of John McAfee do not stop at the presidential race, which proved to be without result. Now, the magnate of the anti-virus is bent on a scatty project through which he works to undermine the american political system, in tokénisant the 535 members of the u.s. Congress in order to quote them on the stock market.

The season of the representatives is launched

According to the announcement, the tokens of the american representative would be listed on the exchange platform McAfeedex in order to assess how much they are worth really on the market.
The idea of wanting to denounce the manipulation and corruption outlier within the american government does not date from yesterday. John McAfee has found the opportune time to express these injustices in a humourous way.
In fact, many are those who resent the way in which are bought the bureaucrats, to such an extent that they began to include the port of logos in sponsorship on their costumes.

A project that does not appeal to everyone

A Twitter account dubbed Buy congressman has been specially created to satisfy the crypto-community in the evolution of the value of the chips as well issued. At present, the project has already been the subject of criticism on the part of the government.

“Nobody in the Congress would cooperate with us and legal action would be incurred if we continue “, would have said Buy congressman.

The account would have also added that the Office of legal counsel (OLC) had threatened the project with criminal prosecution if it included candidates for POTUS or the candidates in the presidential election of the United States, saying that it would be a matter of manipulation of elections.

“We are going to show, mathematically, and scientifically, how the power grows, accumulates, and circulates through the policy. We will connect the new, the decisions and actions to the perceptions in the minds of american voters, ” concluded the latter.

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