John McAfee’s new Free-Coin: the “Epstein has not killed itself”-Token

Joke-Token, or brilliant idea? Crypto-personality of John McAfee released a new Token that will be traded in soon on his own decentralized exchange. The Token is called “Epstein didn’t kill herself”.

Epstein’s mysterious death – verweigt on the Blockchain

Many Memes circulating about the infamous sex traffickers and multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, the on 10. August 2019 has committed in his prison cell allegedly in mysterious self-murder. The real story behind his death remains the subject of speculation and conspiracy theories. Many do not want to believe that such a high-ranking prisoner could finish his own life while he was under observation.
So we forget these suspicious circumstances, never, out, John McAfee is now a Coin – quasi-memory.
Epstein has probably killed itself and to perpetuate the, McAfee has developed a crypto-currency, which will probably be a hot view to the “Epstein didn’t kill herself”. McAfee, the Token will be on McAfee DEX available free of charge and tradebar.

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Further Details are not expected until next week. One of the characteristics of the Tokens is, however, that every tenth transaction is randomly burned – so Epstein should be honoured that he is, as McAfee puts it, has to beat up. With the “Epstein has not killed itself”-Token will be immortalized in the Meme forever on the Blockchain.

McAfee is back in the crypto-world

McAfee’s own decentralized Exchange is survive for about a month live, and even has its first DDoS attack. The exchange will be completely anonymous, Open-Source and free of bureaucracy. The Exchange – called the McAfee Magic after a short break, his “Comeback” in the world of crypto-currencies. In 2017, the inventor of the eponymous Antivirus Software for his “Coin of the week was” famous and infamous. Recently however, it was always silent around him.
For some time he had been hidden supposedly in a secret place – the US government is behind him. In September, he said in an Interview, why governments, in his opinion, so afraid of crypto-currencies.
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