JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs to advise customers of

Bitcoin is without question the best Investment of the last decade. But also in the recent past, BTC outperformed other Asset classes, as we reported on Saturday already. So it’s no wonder that more and more people are asking whether you should buy Bitcoin. Longer the speech is from the so-called institutionalization, i.e. the tendency that more and more institutional investors are buying Bitcoin in order to diversify their Portfolios. If you look at the development in the value of BTC in the last few years, seems to be a uniquely adequate Consideration.Nevertheless, the acceptance of the digital gold has not arrived yet at all. Banks in particular could be affected by crypto-currencies in the theory of Offside, and so it is no wonder that traditional investment advisors recommend to their clients from self-interest to buy Bitcoin. An example from the USA shows that the big banks JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs want to let your customers apparently not to the value of the Bitcoin exchange rate part.

Buy Bitcoin: without JP and Goldman Sachs

The company “Digital Asset Investment Management” (DAIM) is a California-based asset Manager that is specifically geared towards crypto-currencies. DAIM supports, among other institutional investors, the buy Bitcoin and thus their Portfolios and want to diversify.As a Partner of the company, Adam Pokornicky, reported, would have lost his company nearly a customer who wanted to buy Bitcoin. Because of its investment adviser to JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs told him to do it. Specifically, Pokornicky describes the incident as follows:

I have a customer who was willing to buy Bitcoin and me after a conversation with his advisors in the case of JPM & GS said he was no longer interested. I asked him what they wanted and instead of answering, he asked me to explain in one sentence, what are the advantages of buying BTC now has in relation to the proven results.

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Lack of trust and self-interest at the expense of the customer

The fact that the banks JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs do not put their customers from Bitcoin and co. to the heart, is to diversify due to the enormous possibility of its Portfolio in order to already questionable enough. Normally, the customers should be interest, namely, the self-interest.It is understandable if you consider how banks make their money. JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs make their money in General, in order that they recommend to their customers as traditional financial products such as bonds and other securities. Buy Bitcoin is not one of them however.The attempt of the two banks DAIM to spoil the business, seems to be from the point of view of Bitcoin Fans to be an expression of the fear of the banks in front of BTC. In theory, the king of crypto has the Potential currencies, namely to throw their business model out of whack.Especially in the case of JP Morgan, the Aversion against Bitcoin has to buy a longer history. 2017 Jamie referred to Dimon, the CEO of the Bank, Bitcoin as a “fraud,” and advised to trade its employees from Bitcoin. 2 years later, the Bank admitted, however, that BTC has the Potential to threaten their sales in the long term.If you want to be after our own extensive Research of BTC convinced and buy Bitcoin, then you need a reliable Partner for your projects. According to our own Tests, we can recommend you both for Investing as well as Trading Bitcoin eToro.

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