Justin Sun and Charlie Lee in the “secret talk”

Just now during the world economic forum in Davos, the eye of the crypto world to look at the current developments around Bitcoin and co. Regardless of whether Ripple-CEO, Brad garlinghouse or IOHK-founder Charles Hoskinson – each gives its personal opinion on the future of their own crypto currency. With pathetic words, is a celebration of the future of their own Coins.
But beyond Davos, the world continues to turn. And so tweeted TRON CEO Justin Sun on Saturday that he had met the Litecoin founder Charlie Lee. It was probably some “secrets”.

Bitcoin, Litecoin and Tron in the focus of the conversation

The strength of Justin’s Sun is mainly in one aspect: the Marketing. The Tron’s CEO, is also accused of like ironic that he was the master of big announcements. Here, the designation of the “Master of Promotion Scam falls time to time”.
Regardless what you might think of these names keep well, the latest Tweet from the Sun back into the category of Marketing. Because Sun has published on Twitter a picture that shows him, together with the Litecoin founder Charlie Lee. In doing so, he reveals that he had spoken with Lee about Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, and other secrets.

The Intention of such Tweets is obvious: the tension and curiosity of the Community to create and draw. The term “some secrets” offers, of course, room for some room for interpretation. Without going too much into the interpret, it is probably exactly the kind of statements that bring a lot of (less experienced) people to invest in projects such as TRON. Because, after all, one might ask now whether or not Tron and Litecoin are planning for about soon a collaboration (in what way ever).
At this point, you don’t need to stress simply that such Central actors with big announcements in Bitcoin are simply not possible.

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Justin Sun and Steve Wozniak: Apple luminary in the Talk

Suitable to the current speculation and the tweets of Justin Sun, the (free) dinner, which he recently had with the Apple legend Steve Wozniak. Here, too, was only announced that Sun was with Wozniak, to learn from the success story of Apple to project this methodology on the success of Tron. Concrete statements were.

We leave the realm of speculation and devote ourselves to the facts. Here, Tron was able to announce this week a new partnership. And Pornhub now uses Tether (USDT) as a means of payment for the payment of the in-house ladies and Models. From the perspective of Tron this is remarkable, as that the payments will be processed on the Tron Blockchain. We may now be eager to see whether and, if so, what are the actual projects from the conversations between Justin Sun with Charlie Lee and Steve Wozniak spring.
Justin Sun in the Talk about Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Tron. All smoke and mirrors, or do you think that the actual projects out of the conversation arise?
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