Justin Sun incenses tokens TRC-20

November 26, 2019 by OcΓ©ane

While the TRX climbed the ladder to stand out in the market of crypto-currencies, Justin Sun, the founder of Tron took a keynote address at the session AMA on Telegram to the praise of tokens TRC-20.

The TRC-20 is the future of crypto-currencies

The interventions of Justin Sun are never trivial. The great guru of the TRX is thoroughly familiar with the workings of the media market of crypto-currencies and often takes advantage of major events for heaping praise on its products, which does not fail to influence investors.
Lately, Sun has used the session AMA (ask Me Anything) on Telegram for highlighting the tokens TRC-20, or even chips that are used in the intelligent contracts to offer more functionality to crypto-currencies based on the Blockchain Tron.

“I still think the chips TRC-20 will eventually stand out as a great audience “, he says before continuing : “at present, the USDT based on the TRC-20 is the single stablecoin around the world that is able to free users of transaction fees, late payment and support of intelligent contracts “.

Tron on intelligent contracts for the launch of the TRC-20

As announced by upstream, the TRC-20 are more open to programming and allow the ecosystem Tron of the explorer in many use cases. For example, Sun claimed that the transactions TRC-20-USDT ” are instant, free, and scalable with intelligent contracts “.
On the other hand, Tron is seriously considering to cooperate with other partners to expose their products to the international market. Recently, a collaboration with Poloniex and Okex had been recorded in order to expand the reputation of the platform.
What do you think of these statements of Justin Sun on the chips TRC-20 ? Give your opinion in the comments section.
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