Justin Sun would have bribed a large part of the voters of the Steem to stay at the head of the network

April 18, 2020 by Clementine

According to a press release recently published by Dan Hensley, one of the prominent leaders of the Blockchain Steem, Justin Sun has used a means of pressure inconvenient to divert the choice of the voters of the network to the application. It is as well as the CEO of Tron had arrived at the top of the Steem.

Justin Sun accused to influence the votes of Steem

Due to the redemption of Steemit by the Tron Foundation, which was perceived as a bad thing by the community, the case is currently focused on a charge of attempting to influence votes against Justin Sun.
According to his statement in a press release, Dan Hensley reports the maneuvers of the Sun in order to win the leadership of the network by utilizing his relationships and his money in the voting process. In-depth, Sun turned to the influential members of the platform, including Binance, Huobi or Poloniex, to work around the latest “soft fork” .
On the other hand, Sun would have gone further in this race to the voting power of the DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) of Steem by creating a huge campaign of testimony to his credit after having bought Steemit.

“I woke up one morning shortly after that Justin Sun has bought Steemit inc to see 30 witnesses among the best I had ever seen. All new testimonials are to be created, all managed on the same server by the same person, Justin Sun, ” explains the report.

The decentralization of Steem in the game

In addition to the fear of Hensley to expose its investments in Tron, this would also be the decentralised protocol of the blockchain Steem that would be put in the game by taking power from the Sun on the network. In this case, the redemption of the structure creates a kind of monopoly of the power to vote despite the use of DPOS.

“It has transformed the STEEM in a (an object), centralized, all of the witnesses are supported by it. He calls them witnesses “community,” but he votes with them with secret accounts which I can prove ownership ” explains Hensley before continuing that Sun had even offered$ 2500 people to run a node to be a witness for him on the Steem noting the revolt of the community.

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