Justin the Sun, Donald Trump, Warren Buffett and the bitcoin to create a cosy lunch with Breaking News

One Sun make plans to be hyped cryptolunch. And he invites a special guest, none other than, Donald Trump. The president of the United States of america has not yet responded to the invitation, so it is unknown as to whether he’s going to come out.
It was the hype of the cryptoland: the lunch-TRON’s CEO, Justin, Sun multimiljardair, and Warren Buffett. The Sun has no less than 4.5 million dollars to be paid in order to be able to stop for lunch. The Sun will Buffet and convince them that cryptocurrency is indeed useful. A difficult task, as Warren Buffet is to compare bitcoin with the “rat poison is in the square”

Donald Trump is no fan of bitcoin

“It’s not a surprise, but Donald Trump is no fan of bitcoin, and cryptocurrency. That’s what he says quite literally in his tweet: “I’m not a big fan of bitcoin, and other cryptocurrency, which is not money, and that its value is very volatile and it is based on thin air. Non-regulated crypto-assets can be illegal behavior, to promote it, including drug dealing and other illegal activities.”
That would be a nice lunch, along with the Sun and the Fun!

Kidney stones were in the way

For lunch, it would be in the first instance, on the 25th of July, 2019 at the latest, take place. But only three days to go before the lunch started, there was One Sun, suffer from kidney stones. The lunch and had not, therefore, to proceed:

Not everyone believed in it right from the start, many people thought that by Making the Sun and was held in place by the Chinese government, and will not go to America as he could. The Sun refuted a day later by showing that he was in San Francisco, the lived: ‘Bay Bridge, it is beautiful!!!’

Effect on the market price of ALL

With the hype of the hotel is everywhere visible, even on the track. In the run-up to the lunch that rose through ALL the levels from 17 cents to 30 cents. An increase of 76%! After the cancellation of the lunch, it was ALL for 22 cents back to square one.
It may well be that the next lunch and also have an impact on the course of many HOURS, even though investors are now less keen on this news. At this time, ALL but 15 of our friends.

The Sun has been accused of buying fake followers

A hype has spoken, the Sun will be accused of being fake followers is to buy them. Tweeter, Josh Rager and saw that One of Sun daily will be five thousand of followers it will get. He found it to be very suspicious.

Going to lunch or not? Does it have an influence on the course of many HOURS?

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