Kick Ecosystem launches the exchange of cryptocurrencies KickEX

Key facts:

You can operate with the pairs of trading BTC/USDT, BTC/ETH and pairs with the tokens native KICK and KEX.

KickEX was built with high safety standards, cold storage and advanced encryption.

The Hub of cryptocurrencies Kick Ecosystem has launched its new exchange KickEX. Licensed and regulated in the european Union, European exchange specializes in operational functions advanced suitable for both beginners and professionals. With over 1 million users pre-registered in your referral program KickRef, KickEX anticipates a significant trading activity in the next few weeks.

Built with the highest standards of global security, with cold storage and advanced encryption, KickEX is available for desktop PCs and iOS and Android mobile devices that will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Pairs Trading and functionalities of KickEX

The exchange was launched with a selected range of pairs trading, including BTC/USDT and BTC/ETH, as well as with the tokens of the platform KICK and KEX native of the company. The exchange is planning the phased introduction of additional coins, digital assets and tokens value.

The software of the exchange KickEX includes a simple function of the purchase / sale and an interface of operations more advanced tools of analysis and the first orders end and double-stop of the industry.

In addition to the trading tools smart, as trailing stop orders and double-stop, users from over 150 countries have other benefits. You can obtain low commissions, a referral program levels with the participation in the benefits and loyalty rewards that include reimbursement in each operation.

The exchange is the next step to achieve the vision of Kick of an ecosystem crypto. This includes a crowdfunding platform, a program of referrals, wallet, KYC, payment solutions, messaging application, and an institute for online learning.

The team behind KickEX includes the expert in crowdfunding Anti Danilevski, founder and CEO of Kick Ecosystem that launched the platform of crypto crowdfunding, KickICO, in 2017.

The CEO Anti Danilevski noted:

“We KickEX for operators who are tired of exchanges that they falsify their liquidity, manipulated the price of the assets, fail to protect the data of users, and then disappear with the funds of the users. KickEX is the model for the future of the exchange of digital assets. A platform for secure, reliable, and legitimate where each trader obtains the tools you need to succeed.”

Visit KickEX now to create your account and get more information about the exchange most advanced in the world.

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