Kick Token – How can I sell KICK, and what’s behind the mysterious Airdrop?

Since November 2019, an Airdrop of the Kick runs the Token, an ERC20 Token comes from the large ICO time in 2017. Attention gets KICK in the recent days, however, mainly due to the price Performance and a mysterious Airdrop. What is the story behind the project Kick-Token? Why is the price so strong, and how can I sell my KICK? A small analysis of the Status Quo, and something, on what you should absolutely pay attention, you’ll get in this article.


What is a Token KICK and Kick & What the Usecase is?

The Kick Ecosystem describes itself as a FinTech Tool, which is an “All-in-One” solution for every user. The tools referred to aim of all the financial needs of the user cover. The kick token is used as a financing model of the Kick-Ecosystem and the Token is also a “Frozen Airdrop”. More on that under the third part of the heading at the end of the article. The Kick Token recorded increases, in addition, rates, and sales of 3-4x, which occur due to the insufficient trading volume again and again. By market capitalization, KICK arrived currently ranked 31. You might also be interested in reading more about some of the popular bitcoin tumbling services.

The Kick of the Ecosystem includes a marketplace for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, an STO and ICO launchpad, a unified login system “KickID”, a Multi-Wallet, a payment gateway “KickPay” advertising network “KickCPA”, an App, a Messaging-Service “kick messenger”, a market research Institute, “kickboxing Academy” and solutions for the pricing on the stock exchange (e.g., IEO).

It seems amazing what is the KICK of the Ecosystem makes all the plans and would like to develop. On the Roadmap the company presented as each development would be processed step exactly as planned. We remain critical and keep Kick in the eye.

The kick token Airdrop could be a data theft

Many of the Ethereum users with a Token in the Ether Wallet is popping, you don’t even know: The Kick Token. In the case of a so-called Airdrop Token is a distribution of tokens, which are randomly distributed on Ethereum Wallets. However, in the case of KICK the whole thing is a little trickier.

Normally, most of the users sell tokens, such as Airdrop to a small profit-taking. Some of the Wallet’s owners did, however, report values of up to 200 dollars that you gained solely by Kick Token was requested. They would like to sell this, but I can’t without a time-consuming and detail-rich KYC identification.

The Kick Token Airdrop is the truth, a “frozen airdrop”, where the Token can be moved as long as no KYC has been carried out. So you can not transfer the Token on a stock exchange and sell. It is therefore speculated whether the Kick Token is octopus a data, the valuable KYC could sell that data possibly more.

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On the Website of the Kick-Ecosystem, you can also find the recommendation program “KickRef”. Critically, it looks like this after a typical Multi-Level-Marketing System that allows up to 10 levels of commissions can be earned. Quickly you wonder how serious KICK really is. Read our article “5 points that distinguish a reputable company from fraud”

How to protect yourself against the data octopus

In order to avoid the possible data octopus, and the possible gains from the sale of to seduce, has ether scan introduced a new feature called “Private Token Ignore List”. This function allows the user to hide the Token and the value of the token in the calculation of the total value of the token stock to ether scan to exclude. To use this function, click in the ether scan Dashboard on the “Private Token Ignore List” and then click “Add new Ignore Token Contract”.

The declared function does not delete the Token, but hides them and subtracted them from the total balance of the Ethereum Wallets. We stay on the Story with more to it and report as soon as there are important Updates to this. Stay safe!

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What do you think of Kick Token, the associated Ecosystem and the KICK Airdrop?

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