Kiyosaki: When everything collapses, buy Bitcoin

The crisis of the Coronavirus has affected the world economy. Leading companies like Lufthansa collapse, against the consequences of the pandemic. However, in the midst of the financial chaos that is going through the global market, the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“, you know very well where to take shelter. Therefore, when everything collapses, Robert Kiyosaki is buying Bitcoin, and recommends us to all of us to do so also in the Tweet of the day:

The bet Kiyosaki remains for Bitcoin

Just four months ago, few would have been able to believe that a company like Lufthansa, an airline of first level around the world, you could be on the verge of bankruptcy. But it is as well, and this has forced the German government to commit 6 billion euros in a rescue plan for the company. And this is not at all an isolated case. On the contrary, since the Coronavirus he came to the west in mid-march, the global economy has faced one of the worst collapses in history. Putting to big companies like Lufthansa against the ropes. And bringing that many people into Bitcoin as an option to withstand the crisis. Among those who rely on the criptomoneda is the mythical investor Robert Kiyosaki. Who on several occasions has recommended to his followers, through his Twitter account, to acquire assets, a store of value like silver, gold, and of course, the Bitcoin, to overcome the collapse of the economy: “the MALL of AMERICA in Minnesota, announced that it will not make the second payment of your mortgage loan of 1,400 million dollars. An intelligent question is: “who will pay?” The dominos begin to fall. The IMF says the debt will increase from 6 billion to 66 billion by the end of 2020. Buy gold, silver and Bitcoin“. Thanks to its price, when all collapses, buy Bitcoin, recommends Kiyosaki. Source: CoinDesk as Well, Kiyosaki reaffirms its confidence in the criptomoneda. Which, in a moment in which everything collapses, it seems to be a smart purchase to protect our capital. Thanks to its ability to maintain or increase its value, even when the global financial market is in crisis.

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