Knows two ways to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies anonymously

David Kaye, the UN special rapporteur on freedom of expression published a report in 2015. Notice that the encryption and anonymity in the digital age, should be offered by States as guarantors of human rights. So you buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, anonymously, can be considered a right. It is for this reason that in the following article, we will review two alternatives that users have to anonymize your funds.The first option that we will review is the one that is promoting the house of change decentralised Incognito, which allows the anonymous exchange bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) per monero (XMR), dash or zcash and other cryptocurrencies, unallocated data identification procedures “know your customer” (KYC, for its acronym in English).The platform does not collect any personal information, which ensures 100% anonymity to all its users.”All exchanges and merchants will benefit from total confidentiality: no KYC, no registration of buyers, sellers or amounts of transactions. Without the risk of third parties, you control your money and has its own private keys, ” says Andrey Bugaevski, leader of growth in the company focused on privacy.On its website, the company specifies that transactions on the platform are processed in a chain of blocks on the side, which ensures it is indecipherable unlike a blockchain public. Operates on thousands of nodes that feed into your network and does not use a portfolio of orders, but instead implements an algorithm for automated market making which allows matches snapshots, no matter how large the order or how small the group of liquidity.The side chain of Incognito builds a portal without the confidence to connect to the chain of blocks of Bitcoin. Therefore, the private mode for bitcoin is 1:1 issued no confidence in the chain of Incognito. This means that through this platform, users can always make transactions anonymous of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, just as they do with the cryptocurrencies privacy as monero, zcash or dash.In addition, since the platform also builds a portal without the confidence to connect to other strings of blocks, it is also possible to exchange Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies anonymously in the Privacy of DEX (pDEX), as explained in Jason, part of the team Incognito.

Anonymous with a mixer

In order to prevent other people and companies can take advantage of the financial information against the users and prevent cyber attacks, such as ransomware, mixers bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer to operate in an anonymous way.One of the procedures that follow these companies consists in mixing transactions criptoactivos in groups that include lures, making it harder to track its original source. This means that anyone who tries to investigate where it is coming from the criptomoneda mixed, you would have more obstacles to trace it back to the portfolio submission.Despite the fact that they have been wrongly judged by many security agencies, who see the tools that promise privacy and anonymity as a way of promoting criminal activities related to money laundering and illicit activities, this type of services continues to be offered.There are currently various alternatives. BitMix is one of them. Offers support for bitcoin, dash and litecoin (LTC), and allows you to operate in a wide range of languages. It is worth mentioning that BitMix provides support for Clearnet, Tor, and NoJS (no JavaScript). This is specifically useful for the most demanding users who work with a wide range of platforms.In an explanatory video, the company explains the procedure that users must follow to operate on the platform, which uses a system that breaks the connection between the wallet user’s previous and the new, and uses a combo of coins pre-mixed. To use the service, the user must fill the form and send the required amount of funds will be automatically returned, already mixed.BitMix uses the encryption of the hard disk and ensures that you never store any logs. All the entries are deleted after 72 hours or instantly with an application on the ordering page.It is also possible to eliminate the fee paid by the users to reduce the chances of attackers to discover the transfers made. If an attacker knows the service fee, you can easily analyse the chain of blocks and get the exact sum transferred by the user.

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