Kuailian puts the technology Blockchain accessible to all

Ten years have passed since the birth of crypto-currencies, and since the publication of the white Paper Bitcoin technology Blockchain has not ceased to evolve. At the same time, the way of working to achieve better productivity has also changed drastically. Well, things have changed since the time when anyone could generate returns on investment from his home computer. The appearance of a competition at the global level, augmented by advances in technology, has meant that only the largest actors in the system have found interesting and cost-effective to invest in the technology Blockchain. For this reason, we present to you today: the ecosystem of Kuailian.

Discover Kuailian

Kuailian is a company that enjoys a full ecosystem of services to access the world of crypto-currencies. We have also at our disposal elements based on the technology of the Blockchain, accessible to all and that do not require any great knowledge of the systems or the heavy investment in technology.

Main features of Kuailian

It would be very difficult to define Kuailian in a single main feature, given that we have at hand a complete ecosystem, each section being equally important, or even better than the previous one. However, we can say the main attribute of differentiation is an attempt at a commitment to honest and transparent, all thanks to the tools of technology Blockchain.
Any activity carried out on Kuailian can be visualized in real-time. You can view your own accounts, decide when you want to schedule a transaction, and see other data
If necessary, you can refer to the legal Register in Estonia, where all the information are available on the website Kuailian and its social networks.

Kuailian Smart Pool and Proof of Stake

All the mechanisms of consensus to verify the transactions are not like Bitcoin (Proof of Work). Operating costs are huge and powerful equipment are needed to work with these and the equipment becomes obsolete quickly in the case of the PoW. But, there are other crypto-currencies, which must have a predetermined amount “pledge” to be able to carry out the mining operations technology (Proof of Stake). For this reason, it is very logical to make crypto-currencies through a company like Kuailian, who works with the technology of the PoS less prone to hardware obsolescence.
But technological progress never stops. The networks of the most powerful and most modern use of consensus building mechanisms tested. If you have heard of Kuailian, you know that one of its main products is the Masternode. To summarize, this product is able to carry out transactions very efficient, and Kuailian supports a wide range of consensus building mechanisms such as the following: PROOF OF STAKE, DELEGATED PROOF OF STAKE, THRESHOLDED PROOF OF STAKE, MASTERNODES, PROFIT SHARE, PROOF OF AGREEMENT, PROOF OF HISTORY, PROOF OF AUTHORITY, TENDERMIT, HIGHWAY, BYZANTINE FAULT TOLERANCE (BFT), a NON-BFT, MULTI-BFT, SHARE PRACTICAL BFT, ASYNCHRONOUS BFT, etc
It is here that Kuailian maximizing its capacity, making it available to ordinary people who otherwise could not access it, due to the volume of crypto-currencies that would be essential and knowledge required to work with them. Therefore, Kuailian employs a strategy on long term of 1000 days and will add also the PoS (Proof of Stake) with update/withdrawal as possible to the services that they offer.

Kuailian and its automated systems

Kuailian has allowed everyone to participate in the Masternodes. To ensure that access is not limited to a few, the company has pooled resources and divided them. In addition, it is possible to receive automatically part of the rewards generated in the Smart Pool.
Here is a description of the registration process for Kuailian

Create an account Kuailian
Fill in the KYC and pay the registration fee (50,95 dollars, paid in Ether).
Buy as many of Kuais you want, at the cost of $ 100 each (paid in Ether). A Kuai is neither a token nor a crypto-currency. It is the unit of measure that can be used to obtain a license in the software during the 1000 days. The more licenses you buy, the better the returns.
Please indicate the address Ethereum where you want to receive the profits.

The organization of Kuais is the following: on the one hand, it is accessible to all because of the low cost and on the other hand, it allows you to send the contributions of users to the Smart Pool, the own system, which was developed in Kuailian to manage automatically all the crypto-currencies that have been provided by users and that have been created in the masternodes. In addition, with the fact that every week new masternodes are open to the acquisition of new licenses (for new users or existing users).
The contributions of the users are managed by a system of Machine Learning, which performs an in-depth analysis of the market of crypto-currencies and, on the basis of the results, and putting in place the masternodes to be the most profitable and the most liquid. In other words, your rewards can be exchanged for bitcoins or transferred in the Ether. The system works around these two crypto-currencies in order to maximize the overall efficiency of the ecosystem.
Finally, it is necessary to underline the fact that the profits produced by the contribution to the system are shared on a daily basis. This is a great advantage of Kuailian, because we are normally accustomed to using interfaces that require a minimum amount to be able to carry out a withdrawal and can take a number of days or weeks to process payments, or that we were waiting for an authorization manual to have our money available. Kuailian, in its concern for transparency, offers its users a system programmed by their technical team, a Smart Dispersal Contract, developed around the blockchain Ethereum, which distributes on a daily basis the benefits between the users, without any mistakes possible (in fact, this contract can be viewed in any browser of blockchain Ethereum).
Add that Kuailian Bank, Smart Pool and all other services offered by the company, have an affiliate program, thanks to which every user benefits when the sponsor registers to become a user of Kualian.

Kuailian Bank and its next innovations

Kuailian is very clear that the future is with the technology Blockchain, and the company is devoting all of its ecosystem. They have concluded numerous agreements in order to offer financial services. Nowadays, the currencies, “FIAT” can be filed and exchanged into crypto-currencies. In the near future, a wallet and a debit card will be added as well as dataphones and other financial services that will expand the services offered.
The Smart Pool will also propose new options, for example, the high-frequency trading (HFT) and a system of arbitration; all with the artificial intelligence system, which ensures the administration of the ecosystem.

An ever-expanding ecosystem

Kuailian is not only a financial ecosystem. No doubt, as the technology Blockchain, it goes beyond that. The main objective of Kuailian is access to resources based on the technology Blockchain that already exist on the market; make it more efficient, more transparent and offer users an innovative experience. Soon, the Kuailian Travel Ecosystem will be added, the first service which will be outside the sector “financial” company and that will open the door to the arrival of new resources in the market that will make the company a point of reference in societies Blockchain


If you are looking for a company that opens a door to the world of the Blockchain and crypto-currencies, Kuailian is an option to be explored. For access to all the social networks, visit this link.

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