Lame BTC? Bitcoin average block time is increasing for the first time on 13 minutes

Bitcoin has processed the blocks in the last time is consistently slower. In the last few days, the block time was in the Bitcoin network more than 13 minutes.
The block times in the network of Bitcoin slow down. Although the block times tend to remain stable, this is the first such increase since the end of 2018.

Bitcoin Block Times-Jump

The network of Bitcoin slows down? Although it is an anomaly, there has been a steady increase in block times in the network of the leading crypto-currency. According to the BitInfoCharts data collected from such increase since November of 2018 was not observed.
The top end of 2018 can be attributed to the drastic price decline of Bitcoin around this time. Bitcoin has found its low point during the big winter this year.
Therefore, the increase in block time may be associated this Time with the 50% decrease on the last Thursday in touch. The exact reason is still unclear.

Bitcoin Hash Rate is on the decline, miners are going bankrupt

Higher block times are not the only anomaly, which is currently observed in the Bitcoin network. Also, bitcoin Hash Rate has dropped in the last few weeks, this month, by about 40%.
The drastic decline in the last week has also priced many of the Miner, because the Mining profitability has declined sharply.
Bitcoin has continued after the price slump last Thursday, a certain positive dynamics. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is traded for about 6.430 $ and 8.50% over the daily rate.
This increase came amid a global market crisis, which left the S&P 500 and other major indices in the last week to fall significantly.
The real Test of Bitcoin is still pending. Since the Coronavirus pandemic rocked the world markets and this is expected to do for months, now is the time for crypto-currencies, to prove himself.
The Blockchain industry has never experienced a recession, and now seems almost certain.

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