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Continuing with the events that await us this 2020, we find one of the most unique that we have covered to date. We refer to the conference of the cryptocurrencies in Las Vegas, Unconfiscatable. In addition to having speakers from world-class, there will be various innovative events to entertain people. Including the game of poker one of the Stars of Bitcoin and a Tournament Pinball.

About the event

As we mentioned at the beginning, Unconfiscatable is one of the most original and interactive that we have the place to cover it. Considering the various events and activities organized for the 4 days of the event. Starting with the Tournament of Pinball, which takes place in the Hall of Fame Pinball on Thursday 20 February. Emphasizing that any person can register from their official website, to the time of writing the article there are 21 spaces available. In addition, the late start of the workshops taught by professionals in each area. For the 21 of February we have a Dinner of Carnivory, allowing the speakers to be able to interact between them and with the public; with 46 spaces available. In addition, the dinner helps to accumulate energy, since the 22 of February the day will be conference. Continuing on the 23rd of February with the most activity expected of Unconfiscatable, being the Poker Tournament of Texas Holdem at noon on the 23 of February. In this will take part the stars of the criptomercado, including Tone Vays. In addition, the possibility exists that a guest of the public can play at the same poker table. Image of the poker Unconfiscatable with the stars of Bitcoin

The Stars

As previously mentioned, and you can see in the image, Unconfiscatable have as special guests several stars of Bitcoin. Most of the same we’ve seen in other events and articles that showcase. For example, in addition to Tone Vays, is participating as Max Keiser and his wife Stacy Herbert, being the show walking with wisdom of Bitcoin. We can also find characters like Peter Todd, Adam Back, and Giacomo Zucco. You can even find one of the trader and analysts more unique than Bitcoin, being a goat, known as the Ugly Old Goat.


In addition, as mentioned previously, in Unconfiscatable will include workshops delivered by the same professionals and speakers of the conference. For example, we can find by Tone Vays – Techniques Trader Advanced. There are also prepared two workshops for people who are interested in the programming of Bitcoin, Jimmy Song – Scheduling Blockchain, and apart, Giacomo Zucco – Running Bitcoin.


Finally, we invite you to join these 4 days of February to get to one of the events of Bitcoin most unique of the year. For this reason, annex their official website if you want to know more information. The following two tabs change content below. I am a student of economics, interested in innovation and technological development, always faithful to that tomorrow will be a better day.

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