Last testnet before Ethereum 2.0

As if not enough with the recent events that occurred in the community of Ethereum, today I was in mark the last public test planned for Ethereum 2.0, Medal Testnet.

Last Testnet before launch of Ethereum 2.0

Today the crypto community took a step forward to the soon release of ETH 2.0, then that is put in place the final stage of testing.

The event generated a lot of excitement, even the group Ethstaker Reddit established a countdown to the launch of the block genesis.

Even, meetings were held in Zoom that are currently on the YouTube channel of the Foundation Ethereum.

Medal it was the first testnet focused on the community, given that, basically, the health of the network is in the hands of the community of Ethereum.

The testnet after the commissioning took a little over an hour to stabilize it and allow it to finish the blocks. But, now, already running stable, the launch of Ethereum 2.0 is becoming more and more imminent.

In this way, the Medal is the fifth and last stage in the way of Ethereum towards the updating of Serenity. Process that began early this year for the improvement of the crypto.

An interesting fact is that, the Medal was the name that he was to do homage to the testnet Eth1 original, Olympic, launched in may 2015.

Hack of Twitter reveals that it is easier to track the criptos

As we pointed out in the Crypto Summary of yesterday, the authorities have managed to capture the three possible culprits of the hack Twitter. But that revealed interesting facts that contradict the thinking of many.

During a panel of the Association of board-Certified Specialists in Financial Crimes, according to CoinTelegraph, was discussed, that the arrests made a few weeks of the attack show how effective can be the Blockchain to solve the crime.

In this sense, Wool Schwartzmann, Director of Compliance Paxful, established that such arrests had taken longer to generate, if it had not been for the criptos and the Blockchain.

Virtual currencies will replace the Fiat

As we reported today in CriptoTendencia, Wang Yongli, who was Vice president of the PBoC and is currently the director of Haixa Blockchain Institute, commented recently that China may have an interest in to replace the fiat money for your new virtual currency by the government.

However, let us remember that, although the virtual currency would be to some extent a positive thing for the population, this would be under strict government control. Which, as we well know, is the opposite of what the criptos proposed.

Don Bitfinex offers a reward of $ 400 million!

Bitfinex, one of the crypto exchanges more important in the world, has decided to offer a portion of the Bitcoin lost to that person to help you to locate the hackers.

Also, the crypto exchange has decided to have mercy and offer you the opportunity to the crypto hacker to clear his name and repay the stolen money.

Who will respond first? Do a hunting fortunes to trap the hackers, or these decide to lift the banner of peace first?

In a few lines…

Dash is associated with with the goal of launching the first crypto Visa debit card in Latin America, but initially will only be available in Mexico.Stock exchange Tel-Aviv will be the first platform based on Blockchain for financial services.LINK (Chainlink) went up almost 15% during the day today.Tom Emmer, u.s. congressman, pointed out that Bitcoin has a huge advantage on currencies trust: The decentralization.

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