Latest news about TRON (TRX)

We are presenting the latest highlights of the TRON (TRX): The founder of TRON, Justin Sun, declared in march the platform Defined by the TRX, the possible increase in the value of the TRX and the multiplication of the ecosystem of TRON.

Justin Sun stated in march the platform DeFi TRON

Finance decentralized or DeFi, have been one of the most use in 2020 for the criptodivisas. Between the news of TRON (TRX), we have that this computer has not been left behind with this technology. Since you have been working with a platform of DeFi known as the Djed. As its name suggests, the platforms DeFi seek to revolutionize the way that loans, savings and investments are held in the Blockchain. This through the use of contracts intelligent. Initially, the applications of the DeFi were being built by the network Ethereum. However, Tron (TRX) has worked with its own solution Set, known as the Djed. On the 4th of April, Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, announced in a tweet the re-branding of Djed to JUST to determine the launch of the platform. JUST means “fair and equitable”. JUST aims to create a platform of loans strablecoins based on TRON (TRX), justified by contracts. Any holder of JUST can participate in the monetary system of the USDJ, and to achieve autonomy decentralized. Where can guarantee true justice and equity. From the surface, and JUST have as objective the growth of the TRX, but by its design will help the investors to earn USDJ passively when betting on the TRX. The USDJ is linked to the dollar of the united States through Positions of Debt Colateralizadas (CDP). Once the USDJ is generated, can be removed and used as any other stablecoin. The support platform of stablecoins comes at a time when the adoption of the DeFi is on the rise. An ecosystem is a decentralized, web-based the JUST of TRON will compete with other projects of DeFi in the markets for digital money.

The TRX might increase its value quickly

On the 5th of April, the stock exchange cryptographic Poloniex announced that it has a new investment platform for its users known as a LaunchBase. This is the platform where future projects cryptographic will have access to collective financing, something that has become popular due to the decentralization of the cryptocurrencies. Between the news, TRON (TRX) is the only currency approved for this platform. The announcement from Poloniex clarified that TRX would be the only asset for the platform LaunchBase, being the only coin eligible for purchases. By a calculation of the current value of the TRX, we find that the currency could reach 0,0925 in the coming months. This, if the results are similar to the increase in the price of the BNB in its first offer of initial exchange (IEO) of BitTorrent in 2019, which gave an increase of 560%. However, the prices and the performance of the TRX cannot be compared in its entirety with the BNB. Maybe while the world is still battling with the spread of the COVID-19, the BTC and TRON (TRX) can have a good run in the markets cryptographic.

The ecosystem of TRON (TRX) is multiplied from day to day

The ecosystem of TRON (TRX) and its members have always been driven by the leadership of Justin Sun. However, the dynamic management of Sun many times is not worried about the detractors. For any event marketing that Sun has taken place, there are voices disappointed that they express their concerns. Sydney Ifergan, an expert in cryptography, tweeted that: “The ecosystem TRON (TRX) or investors in any other ecosystem. Have investors not supporters who invested and are still waiting for or wanting work. However, what is required is to drive the project until success.” Without a doubt, Justin Sun continues to pursue his ambitions in projects that encourage the Blockchain of TRON. There is not a single day that Justin Sun, not direct to the community via Twitter, to keep connected. Since they are the individuals and small groups that contribute to the great success of the TRX.

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