Latin america is one of the foci of the seventh edition of the Bitcoin Conference in Miami

Key facts:

Some 20,000 members of the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies and blockchain are given appointment in the conference.Challenges of adoption and regulation will focus this year on Latin america and The Caribbean in the event.This week, between the 15th and the 17th of January, will take place in Miami, the united States, the seventh edition of The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC). In previous editions, this conference has been the flagship projects of the ecosystem of the cryptocurrencies as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Polymath, among others, and promises for this edition of 2020 attractive advertisements in the areas of adoption and regulation, with a special attention to the experiences of Latin America and The Caribbean.Some 20,000 enthusiasts of the cryptocurrencies will meet in TNABC 2020, attracted by the lectures, the exhibition of products and solutions associated with blockchains, and cryptocurrencies, as well as the opportunity to interact with those responsible for hundreds of projects in various stages of development.The challenge of the emerging countries in reconciling innovation and regulation will be an important point of intervention in TNABC Wayne Allan, who heads the Business Unit Fintech of the Bermuda government, which has devoted considerable efforts to the development of solutions based on blockchain.Another space dedicated to the collaboration with Latin America in this conference, will be led by the mayor of the city of Miami Francis Suarez and Eryka Gemma, the Bitcoin Center Miami, who will address the role of this city as a hub of innovation and investment projects across the continent.Among the notorious character of the industry participating this year in TNABC is the co-founder of the Foundation NEM, Jeff McDonald will address the technical inputs to update NEM 2.0 in scalability and security.Craig Sellars co-founder of Tether, with the conference The era of Darwinism Monetary, will make a complete tour through the history of money, from the rocks, shells, metals, and papers, up to the bits, algorithms, and stable currencies, which have now become attractive to central banks.The halving of Bitcoin, one of the events with higher expectations for this year, will be addressed by Sean Walsh, CEO of Hyperblock, who will refer to what the mining sector should be considered in the preparation for this event and after it occurs.

Panels and forums in the TNABC2020

Between the forums, podcasts, and conversations that bring together well-known actors of the ecosystem, this year James Putra (Tradestation Crypto) and John Denza (ERISX) will focus on the changes that are coming in the market of the cryptocurrencies and the world of trading in 2020.What developments regulatory there was in 2019 and what will be expected by 2020? The landscape of the regulation of the cryptocurrencies and the introduction of necessary changes to the existing legislation will be considered by a panel consisting of Colleen Sullivan (CMT Digital), Simon Dixon (, Veronica McGregor (Shapeshift), Marco Santori (, Brian Klein (Baker Marquart LLP), Sasha Hodder (DLT Law Group), and Moad Fahmi (Monetary Authority of Bermuda).On the gap between the market of the cryptocurrencies and finance institutional a panel of specialized will analyze the necessary conditions for a greater convergence. Integrate the panel Colleen Sullivan (CMT Digital),Simon Dixon (, Raghav Chawla (Fidelity Investments) and James Putra (Tradestation).A special broadcast of the podcast Bad Crypto will be driven by Joel Comm and Travis Wright, with the participation of Charlie Shrem, Marshall Long, of and Moe Levin, CEO of Keynote.

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